The Pressure of Light

Light departs the Sun, blinded, launched,
like creature departure from womb.
Light, unbridled light, rushes forth,
bends caressing around unfamiliar planets,
pushes forever against darkness
which never wants to move.
Concern for other conditions, here to unknown,
fear always lurks in the heart of light
and it began to recognize impenetrable
black holes in the universe;,
places where darkness loved light,
enjoyed light’s company, its sensual touch,
and at will, darkness could shun the light,
shame it, use it for energy, heat, war, film,
X-rays, distort light for beneficial re-use.

Pressure, press, light presses ahead,
and darkness fell upon Gutenberg’s bible.
Light once considered Steve Jobs on its side,
night-vision scopes shone upon insurgents,
and Edison power centers chose darkness,
Red Light districts.
Glazed merchandise, Miller Lite beer,
locomotive light alive in tunnels,
Vegas stage light, Aurora Borealis,
light upon bat feathers, in prisoner eyes,
all beings receive light, get nourished,
but only shadows stand behind you.

Charles Orloski lives in Taylor, Pa. He can be reached at: . Read other articles by Charles.