Mourning Has Broken

Matters not bunkhouse or barracks
working folks are there
protecting our way of life
ensuring all is fair
their lives taken, so
others may continue living
no hidden agendas
unlike businesses and governments
a firm social safety-net, for
when markets collapse
fair labor laws to protect us
from greedy CEO’s
like at Westray Mines and the CNR
a decent union wage for jobs well done
we’re the ones that make things run
24/7, rain, hail, snow, or heat
falling timber, pulling on a green-chain,
jamming gears, running trains,
white and blue collar workers.
whether working clothes, or
military fatigues,
we have paid the ultimate price
for a just and civil society
all’s we ask in return
is that you don’t forget us
the ones who have fallen
on battlefields far away, or
job sites close to home.
Respect us for what we have done!
Sisters and brothers standing hand in hand
don’t let us die in vain
keep up the struggle for a social safety-net
to protect the weakest amongst us
“what we desire for ourselves, we wish for everyone.”

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at :>. Read other articles by Charles.