Riffing on California Dreaming and the Botox Zombie White Race

no self-loathing white boy rant here — just a commentary on rats, this weedy species, called Man

Ya gotta love the white race. WASP, Jew, Catholic, Orthodox this, atheist that. Amazing how quickly we can see ourselves as both the escaped rat and the flea on that rodent’s ass. Bubonic plague and fornicating rodent, vicious incisors, an affinity for eating the babies of the world.

Rats, carrier of teeth, appetites, climbers, swimmers, mud-boggers, and flying, burrowing, stripping, eating things. We are the carriers of disease, of the apocalypse. How many things are going the way of the Dodo because we wanted to chop the last one down, eat the last Auk, drive a stake into the skull of the last black rhino?

We have a worldwide amphibian epidemic, frogs, that is. A virus is eating them up by the billions. The Golden frog, or any number of species, going, almost gone, quickly going, gone! We the species manipulators. Frogs from the USA with the disease went to Europe for the food trade, but the disease first got shipped here in the 1950s, African clawed frog, used for pregnancy tests in the USA.

Cross contamination, the homo erectus disease. Sell, steal, slash and burn, raze, destroy your enemy with napalm or disaster capitalism.

Sixth extinction, brought to you mostly by the fornicators, the guns, germs, steel, and the money changers. Those hefty gladiators and their all-consuming ladies in waiting. You know, the majority of species now on the outs – this incredible human-generated mass extinction putting us in the age of the Anthropocene – they are on the outs because we were the little sailors, the far-reaching fornicators, plunderers, god-directed gold and spice and human slave seekers, the terra-formers, the invasive creatures who brought those rats over, in our holds, even in our shitty little outriggers, we just conquered the world with our virus, our pathogens, our unholy obedience to our bellies, genitals, god, goods, fears and warped sense of intelligence.

Here I am reading Elizabeth Kolbert’s slim book (do you notice how most times the books are getting slimmer and shallower, and I wonder why?), The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History flying into Los Angeles, and not with a couple of keys, as Arlo Guthrie sang, and amazed my birth town some 57 years ago is one rotten but emblematic pit of stupidity. That 500- year drought, the endless metal and hydrocarbon corpuscles of cars flooding the freeways, and, alas, not one bloody solar array on any of the rotten buildings, all those aerospace and high tech and military industrial complex shit holes with no solar panels. Nothing innovative in LA except the merchants of death and F-22’s and Global Hawks and Hellfires and Lucus Light Magic, Spielberg, Disneyland drone makers, virtual capital, Hollywood weirdness, and the missile parts and the silicon hawkers and patent-ers.

You land on the tarmac, with goofy Southwest Airline mommy and daddy stewards, an industry where you have to pay for leg room (Oh, free markets, deregulation, oh the scanners, and pathetic daft culture of taking off shoes for TSA), and, well, you land, and, the world is aglow in LA . . . it’s delusional city number 99,999, don’t get me wrong. My ire and satire ain’t directed just at Hollywood. You know, no rains, constant soil desiccation, endless Siroccos, unending dust deluges, and fires in season 365 days a year, and these people just go on California dreaming. Shiny new tricked out cars. Endless suburbs. The constant drone of seven lanes of cars cruising from one strip mall to the next. All with the haze of the Pacific inland dull.

I got odd looks, some weird remarks, about that damned book, people asking me what the book was really about, you know, The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History. How can it be unnatural  when we are nature’s centerpiece, the absolute  peacock in universal intellectual and evolutionary drag?

Same old canard of “if it goes extinct, well, that was meant to be.” These same pathetic ones say the same about, well, their brown problem, those border jumpers, all those Mexicans ruining their California whiteness.

Old buggers with millions stashed away in their banks, racist white pigs, railing about the Mexicans, while their little walkways are swept off by Gomez, and while the entire Enrique male clan is re-roofing the racist’s $5 million dollar bungalow, all the while daughters Maria and Felicia draw old racist’s wife’s blood and the other brown ones feed her and bath her and help her in rehab with her new titanium hip.

You go into these oh-so-hip cities, watch the white or politically-preened and corrected whitish people of color on TV drivel on with their oh-so-tragically stupid and inane and food-and-entertainment-and-see-minority-shoot-em-up stories, and you quickly wonder how insane the WASPs and Jews are, in their white Hollywood, Media, Military Industrial Complex, Lawyering, shilling genuflection to the all mighty dollar and stupid ideas and leisure lifestyles and consumption and high end stuff and flowing putrid entertainment, and, well, there you have it.

How much of the nation’s produce comes from the Imperial Valley? And, say, what, let’s get the boogie boards and Hummers all shined up and take it to Laguna Beach?

The entire California state is brown, that is, the ecosystems and geomorphological real of it is. Dried up farms, dried up ranches, endless sticks and brush, wolf grass and blistered bushes, all prime for some pyrotechnic  madness.

Cops that kill, culture that is worse than self-injurious behavior. The daily dump of highways, by-ways, constant malls and chain stores, and those worthless palm trees, and the cars, the speed, the blonde and Botoxed ones, all the white noise, the clatter, clutter and chaos.

This is a white lawyerish and lobbyish and marketing-ish crappy society. The worst rats on earth, Whites working against us, and the others, the white race, bought, sold and ready for retail and Little Eichmann redemption.  Fracking, Goldman Sachs owning all this yellow cake uranium ore, the endless military class of people who vote for same sex football playing locker rooms, gays in basketball, but they work on drones and computer systems made to bug us, follow us, prosecute us, try us and execute us.

Really, I spent some time with white elitists, you know, doctors, lawyers, their kids who work for drone facility types, the Raytheon sort of California dream outfits. All educated, some Ivy League, loving CA because of its white beaches, white Hollywood, white strip malls and white-washed homes and 24-/7 happy weather. Forget about talking about water crisis, about their fucking drone jokes, their endless democratic party yammering while they work as lawyers from hell, techies from Hades and MDs from Dante’s sixth level.

They see the world in that bright free market light. Raise their hands when some serious talk happens – you know, how all those folk roofing, landscaping, flipping burgers and chopping and baking their high-class food, all those products picked, washed, packaged and delivered, all those people they make money off of as doctors and lawyers, you know, the brown race, and some of the whites they sort of deny exist – the $9 an hour folk – and they raise both of their hands as if divining for water, wondering “what can we do?”

This “corporations own the world, own us, own the politicians, own life, and all the patents on us” mentality, so, what can we do. These are coming from 25 year olds, 19 year olds, fifty and eighty year olds. Imagine, a society of white elitists and a whole continent’s worth of white supporters, people who can’t even think themselves out of their capitalism boxes.

What can we do? Wow, we are here, now, are we not? Let the Wall Streeters, let the CEOs and the captains of Industry and the Thugs Propping them up, let them hold it all. Imagine, no responsibility for those jobs, no ethical connection to their own missile making jobs, no concept that maybe it’s time for the majority, the 80 percent who have 7 percent of wealth, to start exacting a coup. You know, the Ukraine, Arab Spring, so how about not just Occupy Wall Street, but Implode and Tax and Levy and Fine the pigs of society who have gutted soul and sense from most Americans, even the near-homeless, the mortgaged futures and pasts of even their white brothers and sisters.

Climate change my ass. Green California, with no solar. Endless spaghetti strings of cars going one or two hours here and there, jumping from one fun house mall to the next. And they hate the brown people, and the Mexicans and other Hispanics, well, they are now being colonized, co-opted, new and future consumers and One Percenter supporters. Jobs making missile switches, polishing those drone bodies, working the smile of California.

Imagine, just the stupidity of the people, the power of Big Corporate Brother in Washington. We had a decent state liquor store system. Cheaper booze, and package stores. People with jobs. And, the hard booze out of the stores, out of the Walgreens, out of the Safeways. But, thanks to Costco and the $20 million pumped into WA, and we have privatized booze, and guess what? Two years in and the prices for booze have gone up, the small wineries and beer makers can’t get in the game without going into the red, and, lo and behold, now that it is normalized, that Jane and Jack and Maria and Juan junior high school kid see that Fire Ball and colorful vodkas next to the organic spinach, well, now youth in Washington think drinking is okay, that it is fine underage and now more drink and more shoplifting is happening, for booze.

But, again, the white race, those marketers, those WASPs/Jews/Baptists/Believers/ Catholics/Heaven Lovers in middling positions, the makers of a zombie culture, all stops pulled out, for them, all is okay. Marketing is magic by and for the mental midgets, well, we are that, now. Privatizing hell. Giving up education, food, water, air, communications, everything, to the lowest bidder and highest thief. You see the same white rat death anywhere the taint of free market plague hits. In the UK. For instance, smoking e-cigs are the big new thing for youth. Who would have guessed? Get rid of some of the percentage of real leaf smokers for a whole new MARKET. That is the white rat death of our modern market. No controls on those electronic cigarettes getting plastered on billboards and on the Telly. Oh, sure, smoking the leaf is down, whoopee, but the nicotine delivery system e-cigs usage is up, WAY up, and the marketing pigs using TV and social media and the Jobs-Apple i-Propaganda Delivery Tools, well they are bringing in a whole new diaper-wearing generation of kids who want that e-cig, who want that stimulant, who think that the world goes better with KFC, CocaCola, Adderall and e-cigs. And now, a public health problem. Thanks to the privatizers. Selling whatever they can, lead-tainted, snake oil, anything for a dime.

Stanton Glantz, professor of medicine at University of California, San Francisco, is convinced that e-cigarettes may erase the progress achieved in reducing smoking.

He predicts that the modern gadgetry will be a gateway to the habit for children and that adult smokers will stay hooked longer now that they can get a nicotine fix at their desks.

It’s one story after a million, emblematic of a consumer controlled corporate world where we make nothing of value and spend our time in valueless emptiness. But there are sure bets to make millions, billions . . . by the white rat infecting the land!

This is the rat eating its young . . eating the wires to the incubator . . .  eating the cables to the operating systems . . . eating the guts of the educational systems, the computers, the entire engines. This is it, right? The white marketing rats, selling-selling, and will they end up on the best Dante levels he could have ever developed if he had been around at the dawn of Google? New levels in the Inferno, ready for the IT folk and Coders and Big Lie Manufacturers.

That white, diseased race. How can you not want to exterminate it, really, like hoof and mouth diseased cows, or rabid bats, or parvo puppies? What a zombie and zoo culture.

Endless yammering, talking, these white folk, 24/7, on National Jewish/Hipster/One-Percent Public (sic) Radio, PBS, the news made to turn us all into rats eating the guts of humanity, our own souls, our own great-great grandchildren’s souls.

I am in a planetary psychosis, really. These people I apply to for a job in Portland, they are all tagged with this disease of the ameliorating, the faux consensus folk, the administration lovers, the people who make money on poor, on the dispossessed, on the broken. Non-profits with whites running the show, but they want to kettle their shows, do not want thorns in their sides, do not want hard thinkers, do now want something outside their propagandized belief systems.

I apply for jobs daily, spit out by organizations and leaders who are from the school of middling thinking, controlled opposition at most, and zombie thinkers. It’s as if I did not get a ticket to their dance. Fifty-seven, three college degrees, four continents lived, worked in prisons, hitchhiked from Nogales to Panama, deep systems thinking, educator, can work with his hands, and, unfortunately for me, can write circles around these marketing-communications-development types.

I just do not have that little line grin, you know, happy Obama-ites, laughing Jon Stewart types, lock-step in their world of fake liberalism, their world of hipster thinking, Apps-Gone-Wild Spring Breaks. They are children, through and through.

The white rat race. Limp-wristed. Fallow. Continuous Criminal Enterprises. Monopolistic thinking. Consumer driven. Eat-Drink-Sleep the Lie of Exceptionalism.

Yes, those brown folk, coming across that border, yessirree, those people. Those poor people. Those non-Ivy League people. Those community college people. Those poor, drab, tenement people. Those people one tightrope away from a noose; almost and finally foreclosed upon people; those  bankrupted homeless ones;  those people, US, mostly white, but also people of color, us, the majority, Us people, being eaten by the rats at the top, seeding us with their GMOs, their nuclear particles in our soup, those shark-finning toothless smiles, their  conflict mineral stashes, planned obsolescence laughter, oh, white race rat rotten leaders from Georgetown or Stanford . . .  those rulers of the Runes . . . our culture makers. . .  the laughers . . .  the happy California dreaming guys and gals wondering how their whiteness got so mixed up with those other people, US, the fucking OTHER, the things they have exploited since the market first started selling junk . . . . Goddamnit, in their gated communities, their silo-ed minds, their funny jokes about killing Somalis or Pakkis, these are the leaders, the breeders, the King Rats, holding the world at bay, helping with the mindless muck, the marketing foolishness, broken but inspired, gleaming $20 K teeth, petrabytes loaded on their iPads, California-dreaming through their desiccated Road to Nowhere.

Oh, California! Oh, LA! Rats, Extinction, Reverse-Evolution!

Paul Haeder's been a teacher, social worker, newspaperman, environmental activist, and marginalized muckraker, union organizer. Paul's book, Reimagining Sanity: Voices Beyond the Echo Chamber (2016), looks at 10 years (now going on 17 years) of his writing at Dissident Voice. Read his musings at LA Progressive. Read (purchase) his short story collection, Wide Open Eyes: Surfacing from Vietnam now out, published by Cirque Journal. Here's his Amazon page with more published work Amazon. Read other articles by Paul, or visit Paul's website.

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  1. Paul Haeder said on February 26th, 2014 at 1:56pm #

    Ahh, the trolls, the Mel Gibson lovers, those Ted Nugent “Turner Diaries” page turners. I got one of these grand notes of Tough Guy Noir drivel. Not just telling me to effe off or fuck myself. But rather, send myself into Smith and Wesson Hell.

    Predictable, really. But, well, at least DV as a diverse clan of readers, no. Some, like below, need a bouncing ball to follow the nouns and verbs, but still, more white man’s burden blues!

    This is the white race at i’s best. Notice this gutless person, un-marked lethal IED of a terrible kind — Improvised Extinguishable Dunce — using those Breaking Bad and tough guy literary allusions. Hollow point. 9 mm. Something else, something else, anonymous one.

    Funny, how yesterday I was at a meeting, some big wigs there — overpaid, puffed up, duncey sort of white people — and, hands down, all whites in the very true sense of their misinformed youth and age. Then, one lady, supposedly well informed white woman, pro-union, well, she just whispers to me in her white racist way — “What’s that office all about? Can I go there?” She was pointing at the college’s Diversity office, one where a few people, scholars, and plenty of people of color and LGBTQ go and try inform the poor, tired racists that, hey, no need to get rid of white folk, because, a, they are on their way out, thank you very much, and, b, the college has more and more children of Hispanics, Somalis, Chinese, as well as adults from Saudi and other countries, attending school, hence, paying their way and out salaries.

    Poor, weak white race!

    Great PhD teaching business classes, pulling me aside, and wondering what PPI is — power privilege inequality. She guffawed like many white women do, and, tic-tic-tic with her tongue, she tried to attack the DIVERSITY office, you know, one point one percent of One percent of the schools’ budget.

    This is it, uh, the Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, Reverend Pat, Red-neck Congress, Senate, CEO WHITE America (sic) at its best.

    Oh well, brothers and sisters of the white rat gene — skin pigmentation challenged buyers and seller of your own souls.

    Challenged by melanin, dunce caps and all. New piece in the journal Nature on lizards and skin pigmentation. Good dinosaur and fossil work her, on melanin production in marine animals as a defense around cold water.

    Adios, Readers . . . . Here is the IED of the Day:


    Dear DV —

    Bullshit with a capital B. Thats what your piece exactly was-white self loathing guilt. Nothing but. If you don’t want to be white, and don’t believe that whites should exist, make yourself an example and suck start a 9mm pistol. Put a jacketed hollow point through that pathetic liberal cranium of yours.

    Maybe the rest of us will follow, maybe we won’t-you won’t know either way. Be a trailblazer in your war on whitey!

    Until then, shut up with your BS guilt crap.