Here They All Come On Sunday Mornings

The black, window tinted Escalades
and limos ease to a soundless stop
in front of the Network’s Headquarters.

The golden ones, the chosen, silver-
tongued mouthpieces anointed by
the Forces of Control to rebrand

murder, torture and economic
injustice into smooth-toned narratives
about the battle for freedom and

human rights slide out of the leather-
upholstered vehicles. They stand
in the light, their tanned, spa-pampered

skin as smooth as silk, gleaming in
the immensity of their self-importance.
They move slowly towards the skyscraper,

ready, confident, totally secure in their
nonexistent journalistic integrity. And
while choirs sing in churches this Sunday

morning, these blue-eyed puppets of capital
will lead a more important service: that ongoing
worship of a mythological, murderous America.

Paul Lojeski's poetry has appeared in journals and online. He’s also the author of the satiric novel, The Reverend Jimmy Pup. He lives with his wife and daughter in Port Jefferson, NY. Read other articles by Paul.