Ethnic Cleansing

Time to clean up the neighborhood
get things nice and clean
do away with the “others”
then the poor
or like Uganda,
pass an order stating
it is unlawful to be gay
sentenced to life,
if you don’t lose it first
churches have sanctioned it
missionary position
spreading the words of love
in the wilderness
thanks to the UN and the church
for the “cleaning supplies”
in order to manipulate
one against the other for greedy gains
not much has changed over the centuries
bible thumping and machete justice
seems to go hand in hand
back home they all pray
giving thanks to their missionaries
who converted heathens into
being just like them, and
having the blood lust they desire as well
in the good old US of A
tea party, Ugandan style
Christian zealots
continue spreading hate of the “others”
just doing the lords’ work
with a few minor adjustments to the good book
and looking the other way
“true evil is attracted to true good.”
Hard to tell who is who
Uganda fell pray
to Christian propaganda!!
Hang ’em high …

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.