Beauty and the Corporate Beast

 New Artificial Frontiers and Uncharted Territories from the Synthetic Biologists

Ingredients produced using synthetic biology to be put into  cosmetics from one of the world’s biggest cosmetics companies.

Synthetic biology and the cosmetics industry?

You know what will happen there. These overpriced and extremely dangerous vanity products will be seized upon by the masses who have become, through years of hard training, indoctrination and manipulation, turned to believing all the bull crap from these cosmetics giants.

‘You too can be youthful to the bitter end!’

But in all fairness to the cosmetics industry they are no better (nor worse) than the rest of the bunch of corrupt corporations peddling everything from GMO’s, unlimited access to energy, trinkets founded on conflict minerals and every other pipe dream imaginable catered for and all based upon the very limited resources of that supply outlet that we call planet Earth.
In fact the technocrats abuse of the planet is in itself a very carefully crafted plan to ensure perpetual profits via the total control of what is fast becoming a puppet population of people with no strings attached.

Dumbed-down with lies and promises and dosed up with every conceivable toxin in the chemistry set, it seems that the only way for these former humans is straight down and out and all to damned quickly.

These rogue corporations have had this end game wrapped up for decades. It was always their intention to ultimately play upon the peoples state sponsored and corporate tailored, educated ignorance. Even now as I type there is very likely some automated sequence of code busy searching for that ‘key phrase of the day’ in my communications to snare me, and others like me, as some sort of subversive threat to the corporate establishments status quo.

Try getting them to define subversive. Or even define the rules or laws that they claim gives them the right to carry on their surveillance techniques without the agreement of the masses; dumbed-down or otherwise.

The advertising execs will do whatever they can to secure the sales of more dodgy devices with inbuilt digital data trawling code sequences for big brothers delight, just to maintain the illusion that they care enough to control the fear by ‘controlling through fear.’

Meanwhile the mass marketing mafia, who are out for their own ‘obscene profits’ from more techno control of all life, and their cohorts in crime ‘big pharma’ with their cure all quackery and a ‘pill for every ill’ philosophy put an instant stop to any and all opposition from the masses to the environmentally destructive production systems and the pharmaceutical industries corrupt market practices.  With their cleverly worded put downs, counter claims and allegations against research from the independent stable of life, which all sound ‘ever-so-convincing’ to the uneducated masses, backed up to the hilt with additional biased contributions from mad media and the putrid press, there seems to be no avenue of justice left that the educated among us can take to redress this corporate onslaught of humanities freedoms of choice, justice and fair trade. (Not to be confused with that nice little ‘Fair Trade’ logo on selected items at a convenience store near you.)

Speaking of justice its so nice to see the judiciary taking a keen interest in the situation. Check out this!

The corporations incidentally also employ the same level of control freak-ism of the masses by hiring a raft of legal beagles to litigate and bully the populous and their elected masters into accepting the selling of the bull crap without any restrictive trading conditions whatsoever. For those in the know it will come as no surprise to realize that the forthcoming grand theft of freedom is being perpetrated as we speak with greater profiteering at the expense of our health, safety, environmental protections and trade standards being the central theme, with those twin pillars of corporate chicanery known as the Trans Pacific Partnership and its ugly sister the Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership acting as the carrier legislation.

Neither is as friendly as their names sound but that’s nothing new in the corporate world. Nothing is ever quite what they claim it is. Never has been and never will be. But the bottom line with these two ugly sisters from the same parentage is all about total and absolute control of everything that you and I take for granted. Freedom and freedom of choice being just two tiny little items on the corporate shopping list. And if we refuse to sell these hard fought for and won items they will simply sue our asses off the entire planet.

So what is this article all about?

Well education actually.

Every aspect of education today is so deeply flawed as to be totally useless come a crisis. Its like being in possession of a mechanics toolkit and not even knowing how to use the tools. That’s today’s education. All facts and figures with no understanding of how to use them. Its knowledge without any wisdom, or the opportunity to gain any wisdom. Practical lessons don’t exist courtesy of Health and Safety rules.

Sadly most people are generally just plain naive but that doesn’t mean we educated and informed types should stand idly by while the dumbed-down masses who believe the bull crap advertising wither and die slowly for the sake of false vanity and empty status whilst financing genocidal corporations bank balances and bonuses at the same time.

No it is not the fault of the dumbed-down masses that they are so hell bent on premature death and the desire to look good to the bitter end.

Its actually more to do with those elites who don’t give a shit what their victims look like when the end of their existence is reached. So long as the quarterly figures look good nothing else matters. Its all part of the grand plan. The brave new world, controlled and hermetically sealed against any troubling thoughts of ‘safety’, ‘personal health’, ‘family welfare’, ‘freedom’ or ‘independence’. Can’t have the masses worrying about such things when there are corporate profits to satisfy.

But everything does matter. GMO’s are one problem that every human should be extremely concerned with. Unfortunately every opportunity to learn about the real background to GMO technology is totally refuted and attacked by the biotech industry itself as being deeply flawed and utterly corrupted, and all because the truth revealed in most of these independent research papers would trash the lies of the bio-techs regarding the real nature of human created GMOs.

Yet in the world of ‘unregulated’ synthetic biology that is being released willy-nilly into the real world there isn’t even any ‘previous’ record of convictions to draw upon. We know that genetic manipulations will do all sorts of weird things but which weird things, where, when and what the outcome(s) will be is anyone’s guess. This has already been demonstrated with GMO technology. The list of unforeseen consequences and unanticipated outcomes is growing by the day. See here!

We know that natures manipulations can cause changes which are either brief in duration or long lasting according to their  composition, nature and the environmental conditions for which these evolutionary mods occurred. But whoa betide anyone who tries to predict the course that that which has never been seen before is going to take. No history of synthetic biology = no ideas on what it will do. We are really stepping into the realm of science fiction horror stories now. Synthetic biology is a whole new ball game without any rules nor even a ball park to play it in.

Imagine the headlines regarding the latest cat walk ‘zeros’ who have become…….something else altogether……after applying a little night cream to smooth their furrowed brows? Bless their little souls. For they are so vain. Yet the real impacts won’t necessarily be outwardly expressed either. Just as GMO technology has never been fully and interdependently tested over a long time scale to eliminate all doubts, neither has the majority of cosmetics, despite the little numeric disclaimers on the bottom edge of the TV screen stating  ‘as tested by ‘x’ number of users’. Mugs! Don’t they realize that these quoted figures are simply ‘disclaimers’ to divert all potential litigation by stating the obvious. What ‘obvious’? The obvious fact that the user should be fully competent in statistical analysis before embarking on using the products in the first place. If your not then you won’t understand the risks fully. But by putting those numbers there the cosmetic companies are avoiding getting a slap in court. Its your fault for not realizing that ‘xx’ people who found a benefit doesn’t constitute a legitimate claim of efficacy. When it says ‘xx’ people got satisfactory results or perceived benefits it does not tell anyone what happened to the remaining ‘xxxx’ number of test subjects involved in the test trial and whether they had ‘satisfactory results’.

So much for education then.

Now here we have the latest bid for eternal youth straight from the test tube of a synthetic biology lab racing to be a ‘first’ for one of the world’s most well recognized cosmetic companies and the people with vanity at heart will be champing at the bit to look younger immediately. Wow! If it were only that simple.

Today’s people are predominantly more concerned with their outward appearance to the detriment of their inner self. All outside and nothing inside leads to a very shallow connection with real life.

Not to have the latest conflict mineral derived trinket, status making third world enslaved labor label or smoothest looking laboratory generated skin does not in my world constitute a failure in life. Its more likely to mean I haven’t been bought and I haven’t sold out to the corporations.

What’s your story?

Frighteningly beautiful isn’t the same as frightfully beautiful. But then neither does the definition of beauty being in the eye of the beholder quite cover it.

Or should that be ‘beauty in the eye of ‘which’ beholder’?

Corporations will rule the day if people don’t educate themselves about the truth behind their everyday choices.

Kevin Coleman is a Bee Keeper, Permaculture gardener, Ancient Tree Hugger, Anti-GMO campaigner and a stay at home Eco Activist who gets involved with all sorts of campaigns around the planet without adding to the carbon footprint by flying there. "The pen is indeed mightier than the sword, but only when its wielded by millions of like minded souls." -- K.C. Read other articles by Kevin.