Journey to the Centre of Self

Before starting a spiritual journey
Through time and space
One must conquer inner reaches of their soul
Coming face to face within their sub-conscience
The answers nest there
Search personal desires
From the collective unconscious
In the outer reaches of one’s being
Look at shadows of mountains
Climb and overcome obstacles
Placed there as a child
Come face to face with monsters existing
In dark places of our minds
In the crawlspaces of destiny
Nooks and crannies of our existence
Check the foundations of our soul
Backpack the outer wilderness of our imagination
Catch a midnight freight train travelling
The tracks of tears and fears
Through the tunnel of love and back
Over the barren dessert of lost loves
Explore this untapped source of knowledge
Chart a course mapping the out-backs of your existence
Discard old and useless ideas packed long ago
Empty your memory banks
Open a new account
Light a bonfire in your heart burning phobias and prejudices
Passed on since birth
Spread the ashes through your garden of newness
Rotor-tilling into fertile soil of wisdom
Growing new crops of transformative knowledge
Design new pathways to inner-self
Truly know and love yourself
With this discovery, all things are possible
Time is not wasted on self doubts
Go and enjoy your sojourn
Always know who you are in the world
Be proud and accept all people
Above all…love and be loved.

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at :>. Read other articles by Charles.