Qatar Trains Death Warriors for War in Syria

It is now more evident than ever before that Qatar is playing a vital role in stoking up the chaos which is tearing Syria apart.

Informed sources have recently exposed that in the heart of Doha stand centers for training assassins of different nationalities who are dispatched to Syria to fight against the government of Bashar al-Assad. These would-be assassins are subjected to heavy military training as well as Wahhabi teachings.

In point of fact, Qatari elements have ratcheted up their activities in several countries including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Chechnya and embarked on an intensive recruitment of ready-to-combat warriors. Recruitment is conducted covertly by front organizations working under the banner of job centers for foreign workers.

The truth is that Qatar State Security eyes impoverished countries as good markets for death warriors. To the Qataris, Wahhabi teachings are first priority. After recruitment, these people are transferred to training centers in Doha on a weekly basis and subjected to military training and ideological indoctrination under the supervision of Qatari Special Forces. Established in June 2004 through a merger of the former General Intelligence Service (mukhabarat) and the Investigation and State Security Service (mubahith), Qatar State Security is tasked with supervision of these centers and works in close cooperation with officers who used to be part of Saddam Hussein’s Baath army. The trained warriors are then infiltrated into the Syrian soil through Libya, Turkey and Jordan.

Between January 3, 2012 and April 2013, Qatari military planes have carried out 90 flights to Libya, Turkey and Jordan and transferred the trained death warriors to Syria through these countries.

It should be noted that Qatar has long been fighting a proxy war in Syria and thanks to her indefatigable efforts, Syria has sunk into dereliction and shambles in terms of infrastructure.

The tiny, oil- and gas-rich emirate has been shipping arms to the Syrian rebels fighting the government of President Bashar al-Assad since 2011.

Intelligence experts claim that since the beginning of 2011, Qatar has used a shadowy arms network to move “at least two shipments of shoulder-fired missiles to the militants in Syria and that they have used them against Assad’s air force.”

According to western officials, the missiles were provided by Qatar, which bought them from an unknown seller and brought them to Turkey.

It is not yet quite clear what intentions the tiny emirate harbors in mind in lavishing petrodollars and the wealth of the Arab nation on a handful of brainwashed militants fighting in Syria and what benefits she shall reap in the long run. Yet, what matters greatly at this juncture in time is that a nation is being torn apart, a population displaced and a people deprived of basic rights on account of foreign intervention in the country.

In September, a large number of the militants in the province of Aleppo in Syria received a one-off payment of $150 courtesy of Qatar. Sources close to the Qatari government say Qatar has so far spent over USD 3bn.

By way of supporting this strategically ill-favored move which has led to the death of thousands of people in Syria, Qatar’s prime minister, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim al Thani, has made an unpersuasive statement in this regard, saying, “As there is no clear international opinion to end the crisis in Syria… we are supporting the opposition with whatever it needs, even if it takes up arms for self-defense.”

Qatar has serenaded herself up the global stage of politics through befriending and flirting with Washington while at the same, time, she finances terrorism in Syria and across the world and blocks all possible access to freedom of speech in the country.

Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani, the Qatari Wahhabi ruler, has complete monopoly over rulership and keeps policing all news outlets and all forms of intellectual activities within the country.

A ruler who ascended to the throne through staging a bloodless coup against his own father in 1995, al Thani apparently encourages a corrupt ideology known as Wahhabism and has already established an ideological state apparatus which has the potential to gradually inflame and subdue the entire world. After all, this ideology is being promoted through a political mouthpiece known as Al Jazeera.

These facts aside, there are some points here which deserve due attention: Why should Qatar be so interested in the fate of a country which can by no means pose a threat to its existence? Why does she have no reservations that her money and weapons are being passed into the hands of Takfiri groups such as the al-Nusra Brigade which is known by all and sundry to be an affiliation of al-Qaeda?

All we can do in order to understand the very motive of Qatar is to engage in a kind of guessing game.

A plausible assumption here is the political strangulation of Iran through Syria but a more possible yet horrendous assumption is the sowing of a bad seed in the fertile soil of the world: a systematic and gradual Wahhabization of the world.

Dr. Ismail Salami is an Iranian journalist, political analyst and lexicographer. A former editor in chief of the Tehran Times Daily, he is currently professor of English literature at the University of Tehran. Read other articles by Ismail.