Pulpit Fiction

Religion has been put
On the stock and bond market
Diversify your portfolio
With gold shares in Heaven
Middle men hustle on pray day
Enticing potential clients,
Financial molesters
Want to fondle your jewels
Many brands to choose from
All claiming guaranteed investments
Soon hostile takeovers begin
They become lean and mean
Providing high returns for investors
More ways are needed
To increase profits:
Cut back compassion for the needy
Roll back neighbourly love
Continue to blame the “others”
Build more weapons of mass destruction
If someone offends you:
Turn the other cheque
Beware of false investors:
By their loot you shall know them
The bell rings and trading stops
Religion is up 666 points
On the Richer Scale, and
Humanity takes another loss.

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : aroha@shaw.ca. Read other articles by Charles.