Current Gaza Situation on the Verge of Full-Scale Humanitarian Disaster

The siege on Gaza constitutes a form of collective punishment by the Israeli military occupation against the civilian population in Gaza which is a violation of international humanitarian law. This siege has been causing much human suffering and serious negative effects on all aspects of life.

The current situation in Gaza is especially on the verge of a full-scale humanitarian disaster due to extreme weather conditions that aggravated the lives of an already beleaguered and besieged population.

Severe shortages in power and fuel supplies and lack of proper pumping equipment have made the task of alleviating people’s suffering a nearly impossible mission. People have been trying to get families out of their flooded homes and cars using their bare hands and whatever primitive equipment at hand.

Gaza’s public health is reaching crisis levels as clean water and sanitation services are deteriorating due to lack of fuel supplies and Israeli restrictions on allowing fuel supplies and vital maintenance equipment and spare parts into Gaza.

Since the first moment the cold front hit the area, the Palestinian government in Gaza has declared a state of emergency and began to implement an action plan prepared by a special government commission formed to deal with the impending disaster.

The crews of the relief and rescue operations in the Palestinian government have worked non-stop to help citizens in stricken areas that have been drowned by the rising waters and managed to evacuate hundreds of people and opened evacuation centers for families in safe schools and police stations. The government also provided urgent assistance including clothing, food and blankets. The Ministry of Health continues its health services to affected families.

The Palestinian Government in Gaza calls on the international community to bear its legal and moral responsibility to end the illegal Israeli siege on Gaza and provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Gaza in order to prevent a looming humanitarian catastrophe.

We demand the world to pressure the Israeli occupation government to allow much needed fuel supplies to operate the only power plant in Gaza and to take measures to put an end to the suffering of innocent people in Gaza.

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