The Game Plan

Constant surveillance
Ever watching eyes in the (dis)skies
High tech satellites
Freedom by stealth
Foucault warnings
Fall on deaf ears
Seeing is (dis)believing
Monitoring our emotions
So they don’t cause commotions
Rock not that gentle boat
Skim the water
Everyone rowing together
In perfect unison
That’s how the battle is won
Look after number one
Be warned…you must conform
Learn your lessons well
Keep your head down
And look the other way
Find comfort in the status quo
A meager pension awaits you
When you grow old
Follow the rules
Kindergarten comrades
Later become old folks
Whiling away the hours
Wondering where time has gone
One-day we were finger painting
With joy and glee in our hearts
And then it was over
And now we are here
So much living missed in between
I was going to be a poet, a lover, a traveler
But instead I conformed
To the covert pressures of the day
And am reminded of what I gave away…
The watchers smile and wave
From satellites and castles a million miles away.

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.