Prescription States

During ostensible…when rights…before they bombed better than ourselves for lesser crimes than being angry, outraged, disgusted and appalled. Too long now, this far-wheedling has gone, too far. Too long now it’s been too long for yet another generation.

It is the moral fashion of our time to be lifeless, shit-less, sex-less, diseased creatures — “beasts” is far too elegant a word.

“What is, is what is, like, you know? Anyway, a new election’s coming up. They promised us peanut-butter and freedom. Or was that peanuts and free butter? Either way, it’s the lesser of evils.”

This credo seams somewhat below par.  Then again, we are sick.

As long as prescription states usher us through the long freeze of anxious never-days, our breath smelling of new, synthetic mint, we will never be as angry as we are afraid.

Drug-pushers, usurpers, zealots punctuate our “cultural discourse” with canned laughter. And slick ads for anti-anxiety-depressant-boosters just ask your primary care physician…your local recruiter about trading two years of patriotic service for partial tuition..

No education in legs blown off a million miles from home until well after class. A day late, a gimp. Lesson learned through contemplation in a dark room, puffing solar cigarettes…

…user-friendly taste real good in a variety of flavors and strengths nothing but nicotine and water don’t wake up feeling you’ve sucked the fart out of a Volkswagon in the morning get the cheaper healthier…

…remembering companions blown apart blood rained like boiling movies music television sound and fury of an idiot’s bored anxious waiting for thunder in a ridiculous soldier colony…

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