Ode to Women

Cavemen club women
Eve blamed thru eternity
For the fiasco in Eden
Women’s voices silenced
Throughout history
Wise women burnt at stakes
Millions tortured
In the name of God, by men
Patriarchs fear women’s gifts
And have thru the ages
For it is women who give life
Bringing hope into the world
Warmth to a cold planet
She possesses egalitarian wisdom
Making decisions with compassion
And fairness in mind
She understands Mother Nature
And the dire consequences
If this balance is upset
Women have the ability to wage peace
Men feel weak in their presence
And feel they must dominate them
Destroy the ones who disobey
Violence against women
Glorified in mass media madness
In my reality, I see women
As vases of peace and love
The givers of life, nurturers,
Peacemakers, and much more
I see women as needed
Leaders of the planet,
For patriarchal approaches
Have failed miserably
Behold woman,
Made in the image of Goddess
Oh but to be loved by a woman
To be smitten by her presence
Turns lovers into kittens
Tongue tied, put into a trance
Spell bound, lost in her perfume
Oh but to be loved by a woman
For this I would raise my claymore
And defend with my warrior poet life
That which is called love of woman.

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : aroha@shaw.ca. Read other articles by Charles.