Gunmen, Terrorists, Rebels, Soldiers, Patriots, Freedom Fighters

Anyway you want to slice it, it comes down to the same thing. Usually it’s a young boy/man with a gun.  Or a bazooka. Or an explosive. Depending upon the delivery system or the target, he’s either a brave pilot or a crazed suicide bomber.

And they’re all trained to kill. And equipped to do so.

Support our troops. Support our gunmen. Support our terrorists. Support our guns.

There isn’t anything much more heartrending than the sight of some poor kid who’s suffered permanent damage to his body, inflicted upon him while he wore a uniform and carried a gun. Entire communities will do what they can to help. Whole towns get out there to help an injured kid.

Pro-war, anti-war, arms bearers, civilized folks, all come together to help alleviate the pain. So what do the creeps who profit by selling weapons and using adolescents as cannon fodder turn these acts of compassion into? They twist these acts of compassion into another pro-war, pro-military rally. These bastards try to turn those who assist the injured, by committing a corporal act of mercy, into supporters of blowing the shit out of whoever disagrees with the multi-national oil companies and banks.

Support our troops? No way, you profiteering Madison Avenue ad agency military propagandists. Support human beings. How dehumanizing is it to call a mutilated young man a “troop”? Support damaged children? You bet. Not the same thing. Never will be.

What does your neighbor down the street have in common with the cartoon terrorist corporate/military America uses to frighten people into buying more of their munitions?

So the next time you see a news clip of some bearded terrorist waving an AK47, just remember he’s doing the same thing your neighbor is doing when he shows off his gun collection. Both of them are flexing their muscles and shouting out how rough and tough they are. Both are gunmen. Just like when the Blue Angels perform their precision flying for those still obeying the laws of gravity. What a swell bunch of weapon platforms. Ain’t machines of death so neat?

What type of lowlife scum uses the pain and suffering of the war’s victims in order to promote militarism, cause the death of even more children, and sell their product? What kind of cowardly bastards sell explosive devices by saying you either buy into our act, “Support Our Troops”, or you’re spitting on the sacrifice of our shattered veterans? What a load of crap. All victims of violence deserve help, whether they be innocent children or maimed soldiers.

Support our gunmen. How about supporting those brave enough not to carry a gun?

Defending your right to be safe and not bear arms for over two centuries.

So it goes.