Train of Thought

Meanstream power sources
Continue to effectively derail
The train of libratory thought
Elaborate global news networks
Fabricate authorized consent
Supported by corporate owned newspapers
Revolutionary leaders denounced, our songs
From the protesting years
Sell useless consumer products
On high powered ads
Hollywood made puppets
Endorse products made in sweatshops
Subaltern voices a mere whimper
Made mute by jingling jewels
Of the new global royalty
Hidden elite agendas made public
Supported by brainwashed masses
The awaited revolution
From the working classes
Sit idle like old railway cars
On a rust covered side track
The passenger train called neo-liberalism
Zooms by, on time, on the right (wing) track
Bits of torn paper, dreams and leaves
Twirl around deserted box-cars of yesterday
Power and control keeps it on the fast track
All aboard, tickets please!!
No proletarians or “others”
Allowed on this train
Hobos and subalterns discarded
Like yesterdays hopes and aspirations
For them there is nowhere to go…
Another super train screams by like a tornado
Manifestos, collective agreements, constitutions,
Twirl uselessly around homeless camps…
Misplaced and forgotten.

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.