New Look, Old Ways

Where is the justice in all this mayhem
The genocide is the same,
Still happening
Different flavors and brands
Rebuilt motor & body
But at the end of the day
The results are the same
Indigenous lives are wasted
Grinded thru the machine
Still to blame
Illusionary democracy
Window dressings
Manicured claws
Rip people apart
To die in urban gutters
While lands & resources are pillaged
In the name of the crown
Constitutional clowns dressed in suits
Prance around like monkeys
While the organ grinders look on
Carnival of contempt
Has played on far to long
Colonizing consultants
Are paid well to do their master’s bidding
Offering hope & healing
If only the treaty is signed
Trust us, we’re different now
Some say we’re greedy and should go to hell
The dance of death continues
With no remorse for the people
One Elder spoke:
Let lessons from the past guide us into the future
Brothers Wolf and Bear are still the same
Why would colonizers be any different
Their motive is driven by greed
A lawyer said: treaty is like building a bicycle
Or a house
In reality, treaty is about identity, language, culture
And 500 years of genocide
Let them live in that house
All my relations!

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.