Covert Black Hats

Obama talks of peace, but,
Hides in the bush
Black water mercenaries
Assassinate innocent people
The world over,
Sanctioned by the White House
Shades of Cheney
Lingers like gun smoke
Drones hover above
Striking with lethal force
Collateral damages, and
Death by friendly fire normalized
Women and children sacrificed
To the suit-dogs of war, for
Protecting corporate oil, and
Arms manufacturing profits take precedent.
Americans die at home from poverty
Women and children also die in the USA
More American troops committed suicide
Then killed in combat (of that, I am sorry)
They believed the lies told to them.
Fighting unjust invasions and wars
Are made for sociopaths/mercenaries
The American psyche runs-a-muck
On good streets and schoolyards
For everyone can have an AK-47
No background checks
Just keep writing the cheques,
This is the way we do business in
Third world countries
“we shocked and awed them pretty good.”
My rocket is bigger then yours,
Phallic thinking is hard to handle
And yet, a planet lies mortally wounded
Our home and mother, earthlings!!
Corporate interests must be brought
Under control, fettered like a mad dog.
To accomplish this arduous task
The rank and file must unite
Demanding accountability, and
An end to assassins…
In the field and at home.

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.