Your Credit Card is Out to Kill You

Imagine the outrage if the United States government declared a 2% tax on every credit card purchase made in this country. Not going to happen.

Imagine the outrage if an international bank collected a 2% (more or less) tax on every credit card purchase made in this country. Already happening.

Have you paid your bank tax today? Sure you have and you probably don’t even know that you did.

Every time you use your plastic you are feeding a multinational beast which couldn’t care less if you were dead or alive or in chains. You are paying a tax to the multinational bankers who are currently financing the out of control laissez-faire form of corporate criminality so much to blame for many lethal problems facing us today.

Lazy America are all about killing themselves and turning the majority of future generations into corporate slaves.

Let’s put it this way.  What does a multinational corporate bank want from the average United States citizen? They want your money, pure and simple. They couldn’t care less if you live or die as long as they get their payment up front. Not to put them down or anything like that; multinationals are simply designed to value money over life. End of that story.

With every credit card purchase approximately 2% of the total is sent to multinational banks. That money will most likely never return to your community, your state, or even your country. You just paid your daily tax to organizations which don’t represent you at all and would prefer you dead to having to spend a dime to save your life.

Like raindrops creating a mighty river, the banksters create a force designed to drown human freedoms and support the well being of an ever narrowing elite.

Here’s a scenario. Try it tomorrow, if you can summon up enough energy. Go to your bank and get some cash. For the rest of the day, pay cash instead of swiping your credit card. Let’s say you spend $50 (just picking a number). When you get home you will have exactly the same amount of money you would have had if you used a credit card, but the international banksters will be out $1.

Congratulations! You have performed a revolutionary act. You have deprived the screaming capitalist beast of something vital to its existence. You have cost the bastards money. You have begun to cut off their oxygen. You have performed the first action in the death of a thousand cuts. Every time you do not use a credit card, you are depriving banksters of their life blood. Every time you pay cash you are giving your enemy another small cut. If enough citizens start paying cash, the enemy will be greatly weakened.


What is needed is a people’s credit card, but given the current situation, the probability of that happening in the near future remains dim. Until then, use cash or any other local currency available to you. As an addict you might feel more comfortable keeping a credit card in your wallet or purse in case of emergency. Fine. Do that. But don’t backslide. Remember: every credit card purchase is feeding a beast designed to enslave you.

Credit cards, like heroin, are enjoyable products to some, but too much of anything just might kill you.

Every day you can fight back against the soulless multinational corporations who in one way or another are trying to enslave us all.



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