Void of Conscience

Millions homeless and begging in the streets.
Invasions of countries,
Thousands of soldiers die in unjust wars
More from their own hands at home.
Assassinations, lies, corruption,
Sex scandals of children in church,
Cover ups, throw-ups, pop-ups,
White collar scams
Trillion dollar bail-outs
School yard massacres common occurrences,
Serial killers by the dozens.
Thousands of missing children and women
Starving children, no Medicare, death penalty.
“Survival of the riches” “Look after number one.”
Mantras of psychopaths…
They learn early in development
Of the callousness that awaits them.
Predators waiting patiently to pounce
From the inner shadows of their minds
Vengeance with a twist of lime.
Diabolical and gruesome too many.
A reflection of the real world they see.
Every action meets their needs.
Impulsive, instant gratification, and deadly,
Unleashed upon unsuspecting society.
Every person, place, and thing,
Is for their pleasure.
No empathy or remorse. What for?
Feeding off the undercurrents of society
Reading and heeding covert messages of greed, and
Achieving personal power dominating others.
Taking whatever is needed to satisfy needs.
Cities and citizens, their hunting grounds.
One gaze into his blue eyes renders you helpless,
Hollywood smile and devilish good looks
Overrides personal safety coordinates.
Becoming putty in his deadly hands.
Your lust allows him access
To the things he lusts and is willing to kill for.
Instant gratification is how he rolls.
Evolved into a post modern killing machine.
No conscience to trip him up:
Love, what is it good for, absolutely nothing…
Psychopaths, sociopaths, we’re twins.
Only Hare can set the snare…

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : aroha@shaw.ca. Read other articles by Charles.