Obamacare Coronates New Welfare Queen: The Insurance Industry

Now that the entire population can go online and shovel even more money into the anti-human rights money pits which is the for-profit health industry, it might be nice to see who really benefits from this new “entitlement”.

Previously uninsurable. Yeah. Now they can give Wall Street cash out of their own pocket.

Previously unaffordable. Now the government can pay Wall Street directly, instead expanding Medicaid and cutting bankers out of the loop.

More of the new poor on Medicaid. See above.

Cocktail napkin numbers: 50 million uninsured today. Estimated that 25 million will become insured under Obamacare.

Let’s say half of that number goes to Medicaid. Fine. That leaves 12.5 million. Let’s say the average payout by the Feds is $200 a month per policy. Remember: this is actually a new corporate welfare program since the government subsidizes premiums depending upon the citizens income.

$200 a month times 12.5 million. That’s 2.5 billion a month going directly from the United States Treasury into the pockets of the for-profit healthcare industry. That’s 30 billion a year, for starters, looted from the people of the U.S. by agents of the insurance racket.

Remember: cocktail napkin numbers. Of course these numbers more than double with the citizens’ contribution to the monthly premiums.

So Obama and the Democrats are subsidizing the insurance companies by a few billion a month. Somebody should get the award for insurance salesman of the millennium.

“Healthcare should be a human right.”

That’s Obama pretending to be a law professor while being President. He says it should be a human right because if he said healthcare was a human right, he would have to do something about it. So he sort of says healthcare should be recognized as a human right and therefor he can continue to do business with the for-profit health insurance industry as they violate everyone’s human rights from the jump. Somebody should put “courage” on the Oval Office’s Word of the Day calendar.

Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, healthcare. These are human rights. Half a million died during the Civil War in order to restore the human right of liberty to those in slavery. Denying the human right of freedom for profit is called slavery.

For-profit healthcare and slavery have a lot in common. They both restrict a human right so somebody can make a buck. For-profit healthcare and slavery both treat human beings like commodities from which the last single cent should be wrung. Neither system is concerned about the people they harm.

Withholding vital healthcare in order to increase profit is the moral equivalent of allowing slaves to die to increase profits. The business of rationing healthcare for profit is equivalent to owning slaves.

If you are in the healthcare business simply for the money or if you profit excessively from the suffering of others, you might as well consider yourself a slave owner.

Slave owners and healthcare profiteers should always be ostracized.

So there you have it. Obamacare will soon be pumping billions of dollars a month into a corporate healthcare system designed to profit by withholding a human right from everyone. Obamacare is pumping billions of dollars a month into the moral equivalent of the slave system. Congratulations.