Breaking the Chains

Why don’t you smell a rat?
Is it possible that
by fire alone
in a free fall zone
three buildings went down?
Now I only can frown
at the thought.
It didn’t happen the way
they have told us and still say
that a man from a cave
the order gave
for the depraved
with what he got,
a bunch of men with box-cutter knives
and ready to give their lives
to destroy each tower
with only the power
of a crashing plane,
that’s how 3000 people were supposedly slain.
It just isn’t true.
If only everyone knew,
then we would be on the way
seeing a ray
of hope
that wars would end.
We would no longer spend
our lives in their horrible grip
we could give them the slip
those murderous haters of human kind
those who wind
all their thoughts around new ways
to raise
their power
in a shower
of bombs and fire
to fulfill their desire
of might.
But might is not right,
when truth is on our side
we can start another time
with a new rhyme.
I know it will be
that one day the future will see,
that truth is all it took
to write a new book,
to break the chains
of the reigns
of power.

Eve Human is a healthcare worker, a blogger, a poet, a writer of a political science fiction novel, and a peace and human rights activist living in Iceland. Her websites are Eve's Thoughts, Eve's Poems, and When Hope Came. Read other articles by Eve.