Washington Poison Gas Attack

The administration seems to be surpassing previous regimes in bloody hypocrisy as it feigns shock and awe at alleged crimes committed in Syria. After we have been told that more than 100 thousand Syrians have been killed in a civil (?) war mostly the responsibility of outside forces capitalizing on legitimate internal concerns, we are supposed to believe that shooting, stabbing, decapitating, bombing and burning are all tolerable forms of slaughter, but chemical weapons are shockingly inappropriate forms of murder. What’s a civilized nation do?

President Boobama works to make the previous pinhead look smart by comparison as he first steps into diplomatic excrement by proclaiming that use of chemical weapons would cross a “red line” established by more polite mass murderous practices of the west. After first receiving word of this red line crossing from unimpeachable sources called “rebels”, all of these information sources operating from the safety of countries outside Syria, further evidence was provided by the international medical team of hypocrisy calling itself doctors without morals, or borders. These totally trustworthy information comfort stations are joined by top secret american government spies and informants unknown to anyone but our democratic rulers, and all this combines with saber rattling warheads frustrated by recent low death tolls caused by our direct intervention in blood-letting profit-making.

No less than the so-dumb-he-lost senator McCain has been lusting for war with or without alleged chemical weapons since the Syrian bloodletting began and he now seems close to assuming surrogate presidency as the better educated but just as dumb president moves closer to carrying out the orders of those even more deranged than he or McCain.

But not to worry, our debt limit will soon be raised so we can afford new murders in the Middle East as we cut budgets for social services at home at home and comfortably await Armageddon or the next act of real and not alleged terrorist attack when when one of our super drones is “returned to sender” just as we charge new purchases at the mall. Be happy, go shopping?

Frank Scott writes political commentary which appears online at the blog Legalienate. Read other articles by Frank.