Chocolate Soldiers

Chocolate Soldiers
Self appointed gatekeepers
Designed to protect
Oppressive programs of the state
That cause citizens to die and
Suffer on “good streets.”
Under the guise of caring professions.
Situated in academia
To train students to do the same
Blaming the “others”
Looking the other way,
Supporting white privilege, patriarchy and
Colonizing ways, at all cost.
Receiving perks, pensions, benefits,
Bribes for their deeds.
Smiling faces, covert nods,
Non-committal, spying,
Identifying potential allies
Deemed enemies of the state,
Critical thinkers undo
All that has been done.
Known to open gates, write secret notes,
Exposing hegemony lackeys
In high structural places.
Gatekeepers sit on boards and committees
Deluded by self-importance and lack of intellect
They desperately seek.
Looking, searching, watching, sniffing, out
Egalitarians for the state.
“don’t want to share this piece of pie.”
Chocolate soldiers talk a good fight
But, melt when near the heat of battle.
Consensus perspectives guide them
Conflict perspectives expose them.
Gatekeepers do well in neo-liberal times
Undermining social safety-nets
Privatization, policies by stealth, non-union,
Oblivious of growing unemployment,
Child poverty, loss of social programs,
Pain and suffering of colonization.
Supporting the status crow,
And meanstream programs:
“Survival of the riches”
Not a mirror to be found…
It is encouraging to know,
Gates, like pendulums, swing both ways!!

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.