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They Say ‘Working Class’

Okay, okay – I’ll insert a conversation two DV contributors have been having around the state of the collapse, but first some musings. Interestingly, both the DV poets are Baby-boomers approaching the Magical 65 (one’s USA-rooted; the other is Canada-anchored). In the USA, 10,000 Baby Boomers a day turn 65. You get the exponential math of that stat. What it means to a society like USA and the other capitalism-is-god countries that depend on the soiled ideas of economics sharks who see every flutter of a human’s eye as potential money-making activity . . . what it means is that the old, infirm, tired, worn out, burned out and fried, or just plain done with the hamster wheel of wasted Wal-Mart madness, well, that 79-million strong cohort called the Boomers will be needing some big time help. Community, agency, infrastructure help. The whole enchilada kind of help, and their – our – worst enemy are the Boomers in the One Percent gouging out our eyes, and, well, probably the Coders and the IT sieg heil types who think the best way to humanity is to propagate the giant lie that doing it on-line and in digital form is somehow predestined . . . like some Scientology and Cybernetics crap. I heard a physicist say that computing and artificial intelligence, but basically just computer language, well, the universe was created through code. No contraction and no expansion or unifying theory. Just that computer codes might be what brought life into being.

The madness in the minds of the useless.

This in a world where collaboration between the masses has been pushed out of consciousness. Everyone is his or her own captain, and the hubris we lug along in our overtaxed lungs is the air beneath our individualistic wings. The computing world and on-line work and over-taxation of the mind melded to the Internet and digital rhetoric, well, it’s our undoing.

“None of that will happen to me, or in my family, or on my block” – you know the psychological disassociation with anything bad, sad, mean, broken, derailed and critically low on life will never-ever happen to me. Sure, the American idealism is that somehow all the looney antics of politicians, along with the self-aggrandizing of media and entertainment toads, somehow all that sappy stuff around this Fourth of July (completely disgusting displays of toxic fireworks and blah-blah-blah about supporting the troops), somehow that all wrapped up in Dolly Madison cream-filled apple pie will save the day and build the bridges and keep the ERs running and construct the schools of the future.

A society that raises a child, and a village upon a village that protect the infirm, weak and those of us who don’t want to have bulging neck veins while watching Wall Street ticker tape algorithmic madness destroy farm, field, and far-off land, well, isn’t that what the human condition should have been aspiring toward, instead of our apes with nukes hurly burly insanity? Now, our fellow patriotic citizen believes the big lie of dog-eat-dog justice (injustice) and that we all deserve what we have because of OUR choices. You know, the flipped out stupidity of, “if you can’t do anything, teach.” Sort of taken to the next level – “If you can’t hear or see or get around anymore, then, so be it! Don’t expect any handouts or help. You have to pay in this world to make it.”

Big Fish in the Sea of Toxic Sludge

Emphatically, that’s the way America 21st century Spenserian and Rand mentality rooted in “push you down by your bootstraps” tough love (“…if you survive all that that we dish out and not off-yourself, then, welcome to the nightmare club. . .”)   thinking comes at us. Blame the pedestrian for your bent bumper and cracked windshield: “What in hell was she thinking taking her child across the road on a busy day like today . . . a work day, no less . . . when we all are driving and texting and calling our work . . . sun in our eyes . . . at an intersection with only a few white pedestrian crossing markings on the road . . . maybe she should have done better and gotten a car of her own to take the kid shopping for formula . . . what was she thinking, using my bumper and windshield as a pinball machine?”

And, in a society that is growth imperative hobbled – e.g. we must make profits on doing nothing (investing, hedge funds, hostile take-overs, downsizing, off-shoring, corporate thuggery, interest rates set by the group of 1,000, et al) – we are witnessing the big lie after the big lie transforming us into the mentally infirm, the democracy-daft, and inherently we are all duped into thinking that every chance at a Lotto Powerball will be our holy grail hand up . . . isn’t that spectacular, in America, from poor white trash to rich white trash.

Sequester like a Rape

So, what’s really up in the Obama-Wall Street-Flaccid Fools neighborhood? Bye-bye meals on wheels. What the hell is Head Start, anyways? Every man, woman, child for him-her-them/self. Hurricane Sandy? Let them all flounder. Katrina did the world good. The flowering world of Utah surveillance hubs, the daily nano-tech fun of the electronic masters of our wet dreams, computing trollers, checking each word in each iteration of on-line droll, well, that’s what the government, Big Brother and Brother I Can’t Spare a Dime, is all about.

Matching words with some maybe-far-off crime. DARPA, NSA, Carnivore, anything to catch a terrorist . . . or questioner . . . or protester . . . or rebel. The more you have to say about Capitalism with a big “m” for “me,” and the more you complain about the powers that be, well, what do you expect? Freedoms?

NSA, Utah, Big Bucks for Coders

Coming to DV soon, word checks. How many times do I get to add fomenting revolution, revolt and revulsion against the pukes in the military-financial-imprisonment-uneducation-privatizing complex before I get deep-sixed, surveilled and slammed in the slammer, just for these little (long) missives? Of course, the real thing is to go to the Anarchist’s Cookbook, fifth edition, and rewrite it, add to it, bend and craft it for today’s Eff-Book Pre-crime Fascism. Hell, where’s the Wiki-Anarchist Cookbook when we need it? We need tools, quickly, to gas the murderers (figuratively, wink-wink), to imprison the mayhem creators, to hold in bondage the cretins who get all the government love, tax-kickbacks,  no-bid empire-building contracts, all the free hit men and oil pipelines they can use to make profits hand over slimy hand.

I understand the power of words, and so do so many others. Young guy BS-es on Eff-Book, about coming to his old school and spraying it with bullets, then a quick LOL, JJ (laugh out loud, just joking) right under the short, joking and un-serious comment. Talk about being “un-friended by Zuckerberg the Zionist.” He’s been in the pokey for two months, no charges. Pre-crime, no crime, Internet etiquette broken . . . . a kid, and the cops laugh all the way to their union hall . . . . And I am calling for the immediate ex-judicial trials and righteous executions of the Top 10,000 Ivy League graduates who toast the Trilateral Commission with kisses to the Rockefellers and genuflections to the  Bilderberg Group and wink-winks to Rothschilds, so, if this reaches Google Zionists’ toggles, do I too face pre-crime pseudo prosecutor purgatory?

They are the architects of this mess, of the CIA drugs for guns for mullah madness mess; for the unending global genetically modified experiment folded into the brain matter and guts of generations here and now, pre-uteral, not even conceived. They are the diners, the Kissinger Kleptos, the families after families who maximize each percentage point based on disaster, war, communities in waning, shuttered warehouses, and burned out neighborhoods.

Absolutely denuded humanity we are now, this ship of fools, we frumpy fools of the internet. All things surfed, all things worthy of Internet. Everything else?  Not worth saving, holding onto, signifying. This is the century of the wired-in and whipped down and wholesale fire sale of liberties gained, imagined, or conceived. We are cooked, bruised, tattooed and screwed. Why?

Fear. Finances. Debt. Disease.

….End of Humanities. Humiliating the old. Scoffing at the English Majors. Stripping away real journalism, real  culture high centered, the Johnny Depp as Sexy Comanche Tonto What a Great Gift to American Entertainment worship. We kill Aaron Swartz, Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, Tim DeChristopher, Diane Wilson, gulag-ed Guantanamo hostages. We pause for a commercial break while bodies are exhumed from Old Navy-GAP-Walmart bombed out Bangladesh shop of horrors so back-to-school shopping is just a gift for those others working slave-camps for the spy king US of A.

We are the missing link between pure eco-sane humanity and Caligula-evoking citizens.

The reality is lay-off lust, massive on-line orgasm to push more and more individual agency to the side, to push away real jobs and real face-to-face community into the box of on-line circus, hocus-pocus meaningless nothing certifications and paper junk that gets you rotten dead-end jobs wiping up the drool from the greedy bastards of Wall Street and Insurance Farms and Retail Criminal Enterprise Continuing Bribery Machines. What is it, something like 72 percent of all instructors-teachers-professors working as on-line impresarios say they wouldn’t give the full credit or time of day to the students taking those courses, and you think they listen to us? Nah, just MIT, Stanford, the rest of the schmucks ripping apart human dignity and meaning and creating duh-dumb education, people who will take these rotting moments of the Republic and recharge their dumb phones for another chance at a free-discounted-no-interest balloon payment thing.

The Internet, smart phones, intelligent cars, pulses coming from deflated heart valves beamed to India for Instagraming to some roving robo-cardiac surgeon to sign off on. We are going to work part-time at home, in our cars, while on the porcelain throne; we nose pickers, still life-hardened,  left to make gaga over   the beaming leftovers of the middling Coders who can’t be stopped. They will end every worthy job possible, with instant digital messaging from some server in Nepal. PhDs in economics surfing the internet. I get the pulse of America, and it’s amped up on Monster drinks, big-screen sweaty shaved bodies of the zombie thinkers, worldwide wrestling, Botoxed floozies, bubble-brained broadcasters – the rot is forgotten history, denied culture, raped revolution, dead democracy.

Pay Until Your Great Grandkids Are Dead

Monkey-wrench, re-appropriate property, Jerry-rig the internet, learn how to burn up the optics of all those CTV network watching us wipe after our number twos in some corporate bathroom wired to pick up even our seemingly indistinguishable defecation groans.

Anyone pee-ohed yet? I’m pissed, the world droned, all-things-app-ready, colleges shutting down film studies programs, all the humanities stripped of validity, CEOs and Admin class laughing at political science or history majors, bowing to the IT Coders, our used up military running Bezos warehouses, their Taser-minds pushing more and more Baby-boomers into ERs, into heart failure, fatigue, foreclosure.

Where’s this all coming, this stream of subconscious, this stabbing at boogiemen in the dark?  I’m watching girls basketball. Kids on these summer league teams. Parents pay $2400 to get said girl into summer league.  Add another grand for meals, outings, incidentals. Many parents in Phoenix, Spokane, LA, Las Vegas fly along and watch said girls play, play for the chance at a lottery.  Sacramento, Portland, Austin. The teams move on the road. Money-money-money – add another eight grand for mommy and/or daddy to tag along. The end goal is to get their girl into college, somehow. Expensive small colleges, since these kids aren’t superstars. We’re looking at $40,000 a year, or more, even $50 K a year to send little (tall) Katie to a school. These kids are working their butts off, on the road now in the summer, for summer basketball tourneys, hoping for coaches and scouts to show up and “give” them the chance at a school with a squad.

These girls are not having fun, let me tell you. I’m in this community college watching games and girls taking the world too seriously, no carefree fun, no joking around, just this seriousness, and who the hell knows what they want to major in, what their passions are, what they want to major in. It’s about helping mom and dad, get into a school, play ball, make connections, wire the brain, do something with their lives . . . optimize the value of a degree . . . hedge the corporations’ lock step toward the next important, in-demand, for-sure-thing job-career- field.

We are the country of dog-eat-dog. No education for education’s sake. Basketball getting them jazzed up. And, for many of them, the pressure’s on. Low income kids having families throw in to pool money so prodigal daughter can travel and hope, play, seek the brass ring.

Hyper-seriousness . . . the parents nearing lay-off . . . inconsequential . . . planned and perceived obsolescence . . .  these are the Roman degenerate times . . . people huffing and puffing for the last train to paradise . . . last junket to junk bond Hades.

Two Chucks Clucking 

Here are two Chucks, conversing, about work, labor, unionism, Average Joe and Juanita!


Charles Fraser and I are engaged in a “workingman” conversation which might interest you, please refer below.

I am NOT angling for a spot in your amazing D.V., articles, but there is a disconnect, perhaps unavoidable, between very good intellectual work, and the Street.    It might be a case that Average Joe’s have neither time nor interest to read about let’s say for example, Rafael Correa’s anti-Empire politics.   However, as I regularly MAKE  time to read D.V., C.P., and J. Raimondo’s, one rarely comes across a working-life perspective, for example your most recent article on D.V., featuring Frederick Douglass’s humble but DYNAMIC July 4th address.    F.D.’s blowgun darts can penetrate even dumbed-down minds, maybe even a couple pointy-heads matriculating at Ivy-Tower, Bush-League Yale.

Best regards, hope all’s well – frankly I cannot wait until the firework displays are over in my small town.   The “Liberty” portion of the celebration is already extinguished.

Charles Orloski, Taylor, Pa


. . . Yes, feel free to share this conversation Paul.  Everything I write is to advance the cause of a just and civil society. Don’t get me wrong, I am a trade unionist and am politically left.  We have been attacked by the neo-liberal agendas and our ranks weakened by privatization, downsizing, and contracting out good union jobs. In this battle the left has not had the opportunity to stay connected to citizens who suffer from oppression and marginalization by the ego-testicle old boys club. The good folks in BC, Canada, just lost a provincial election to the right-wing (nuts). Union folks did not vote, 48% of citizens did not even vote. C. Fraser


. . . Mr. Fraser:

I read your impressive poetry on D.V. at every posting, and walk away with something more.  The title Breaking Good immediately caught attention due to my habit of watching AMC-channel’s interesting, Breaking Bad.

Although you write with rapid-fire profundity, please consider checking-out the “So called poems” on Eric Chaet’s web site?    Eric’s work is hard-boiled, meaningful, exhibits a scientific and realist inclination that a majority of people unfortunately elect to leave behind.   Chaet appeared once on D.V. Poets Corner” in the incredible “The work only you can do.”   such title naturally calls to mind your line, “what we have done, not worked.”

Look forward to more Fraser on D.V. and of course elsewhere.   I am a working-stiff, and my reading-range is limited to a few daily sites where I get a sense of learning & growing-up.  Thank you & best regards.

Charles Orloski, Taylor, Pa


. . . thanks for your kind words brother! I read your poetry line as well as brother Chaet.  Very good, poetry, songs, flags, and banners use to be a part of the life blood of the unions and progressive folks trying to earn a living from the greedy elites, who then, as now, want to pay us nothing if they could get away with it. Sadly today brother we have lost our way, unions and labour governments don’t reach out to the depressed and so in doing, neo-liberal governments have moved into privatization, contracting-out, downsizing, hostile take-overs, lock-outs, outsourcing to countries who publicly execute their citizens, the very same governments who own American railroads and resources, as well as have us indebted to them in loans. There has been a betrayal of the working classes by bourgeois corporate executives and bureaucrats and technocrats. Sadly, most of us don’t vote, thus, allowing these corporate psychopaths to continue eroding our social safety-nets, thus the 40 million homeless comrades on your good American streets, a lot of them vets.  80 million children die needlessly around the world, nothing said, 84 million refugees in the last few years in the middle east, the rich are getting richer, working people subsidized wall street to bail-out banks and greedy corporate executives. Marx would be rolling over in his grave alongside brother Gramsic as well. and yet, their corporate owned propaganda rags would blame the working classes for these woes. Anyway, behold the raised fists of poetry!!!! telling it like it is, keep writing brother, don’t give-up, in the struggle is our salvation.  La Lotto Continua!!

Chuck  Fraser


. . . Mr. Fraser:

At 61-years old, still plugging as an emergency spill response manager, and a 10-year Teamster veteran, T.D.U. organizer, as a dockworker at Roadway Express, I have a dim view on the State of American labor & Unions organization.

During the years 1974-1984, I saw Roadway Express buy-off Teamster Union officials, and crush a VERY lively group of Teamsters’ spirit.   Roadway management gradually imbued the dockworkers with an idea of “individualism” in the context of being accountable to THEM, “the hand that feeds you” was their exact words.”   Slowly, Roadway Express began to bestow privileges on Teamster dockworkers, giving them “tow-motor” tasks and easier cargo loads to deal with, longer “breaks,” Etcetera.    Soon, they “lettered” & suspended true-blue Union-men, and they were forced to resign.  I was among the latter group in October 1984, went on to graduate at U. of Scranton in 1986.

My bottom-line with the State of Labor these days is that WORKERS are killing themselves.  They should begin a process of remembering Union battles of the past and strive to develop principles which ascend “individualism” albeit a Corporate name-brand of unionism that’s certainly NOT in the workingman’s best interest.

Your “Corporate Gestapo” poem fits in very well with my rather seasoned & old way of thinking.    Thanks for the dialogue.  May I ask where you are from?

Please consider looking at Eric Chaet’s “so-called poems” ?   Eric’s a life-hardened man, intense thinker, tough on himself & others.    He can be reached at moc.enilnobgnull@teahce   As you please, tell Eric I recommended contact?   His mode of thought is hard-ball, but upon reflection, it is good and HELPFUL.   Best regards.

(This email is from my Company system.  Please consider return email at moc.loanull@volrojdcc )

Charles “Chuck” Orloski, Taylor, Pennsylvania


. . . Hi Chuck, I as well go by Chuck. Charles is a bit to formal. Individualism is not a union term, more collective as in collective bargaining. The other is in line with look after number one. I am from northern British Columbia, Canada. I as well came from the blue collar industry: construction, logging and railroading. Downsizing saw me get a buy-out, university, now a masters in radical social work. I work alongside the oppressed, the walking wounded of capitalism/ colonialism. I think everyone should have worked blue collar before taking a leadership role in mean-stream society, perhaps they will have more respect for the working class heroes. In solidarity~~


. . . Chuck:

I believe the la-la-world of globalization, so-called “Free Trade,” impressed upon people from on- high, the Roots,”  have yet to get fully exposed.   Doubtless the Media has avoided tackling globalization’s “inevitability,” and even radical web sites, except those which feature Paul Craig Roberts’ articles, steer way from discussing for fear of…?   Fear itself.    Unwritten law, Americans speaking against globalization is prohibited, punishable in secret-court.

Like countless American cities & towns, N.E Pennsylvania (where I dwell) was decimated by “Free Trade” and all the jobs available for working-class people are pretty shitty, warehouse employment, starting compensation < than $11.00/Hour, capped at $15.00 after 5-years of service.

Yea – I liked Mao’s idea about having doctors & engineers get a taste of manual-work before going-on to serve others.    Yea – intellectuals assuming leadership roles in “mainstream” society” should have “blue-collar” experience.     Not many do, and they write great articles about Empire crimes and lies, for example the non-existent Iranian nuclear weapons program, which are very MEANINGFUL, but are (unavoidably?) quite distant from Mr. Average Joe’s experience.   Lucky for writers like you who went through a logging-mill, emerged enlightened.  I will always be Average Joe, and maybe capable of understanding, for example, the Trans Pacific Partnership, currently being implemented, and the avaricious Empire plans to “pull-out” of Afghanistan, with the latter country’s energy, mineral & dope resources under control.

Finally, have you submitted poetry to Counterpunch, Poets Basement, editor Marc Beaudin?     I believe Marc will cotton to your work.  Best regards.     C. Orloski, Taylor, Pennsylvania


We’ll keep tabs on the Chuck’s, but, alas, this DV chapter must end back to Schools Yards Fights!

This Adjunct Gets a Cool 200 K $ a Year!

Amazing, really, that war criminal David Patreaus was offered $200,000 a year to spend three hours a week teaching (sic) at CUNY. You can’t make this crap up for some reality TV thing.

These are the times for the One Percent. Generals with the grease of decaying millions on their hands. These West Point and Princeton effetes, suckling ultra-marathoners who would soil their tailored general’s skivvy’s just 10 minutes into a hike into Afghanistan’s many no-man lands.

So, what do adjunct faculty at CUNY get, the real teachers, working as liberals instructors, or teachers of almost any ilk, who have to cobble together a living there and elsewhere? Come on. You’ve not been reading the leftist and even-mainstream mush news?

Born in 1952, and what has General Patreaus given mankind? Thirty-seven years as a slacker, loafer, American soldier with pips and salad on his chest and undeserved praise, raises, power? Then he ships off to head the CIA. What a puke, and Americans, July 4, 2013, as a floundering nation like never before seen – we are uploading, navel-Instagramming, hanging on every illiterate word of some talent-less sports-political-entertainment-Donald Trump–media thing, enjoying the benefits of anal probes from private-public-NSA-AARP-Amazon-Visa-Paypal-you-name-it-capitalistic-cancerous-creed, waiting for Godot or some Marky Mark Angel with a fully-automatic over-under military killing implement to save the day, and holding onto every credit swap we can, laughing all the way to the poor house while their houses getting bigger and sexier – they are lighting the Chinese-made toxic fireworks in the middle of streets, still, for days at a time, as if money doesn’t matter, or that rockets bursting in air somehow validates the wrecked souls of a nation with a guy named (sounding like) Boner and another Bernaecke and Barak, all of their offshoots and corporate widow makers, these poor slobs are firing off incendiaries as if they are all Leave it to Beaver’s with a George Bush streak up their spines. Imagine, hundreds of millions spent on firecrackers and bottle rockets and powerful gems in the sky, and not one of these patriotic pukes would have the guts to point said incendiary with a little plastic bottle of gasoline and rubber cement mixture into the gated home of any number of community killers in their midst.

They Have Declared War On Us . . . We Want to Tweet Our Revolution

Can you imagine if the generals and colonels and the Wal-Mart executives and County Commissioners and the Borough Presidents and the other felons and baby killers tied to the Chamber of Commerce ethos and lock-step, can you imagine one of their 20,000 homes was spray with a patriotic red-white and blue with a pint of napalm attached? Imagine, the hedge funders, the Zionists and Fundamentalists reaping the rewards of greed, exploitation, sweatshops, death, imagine if they woke up to a July Fourth fireworks display AND their roof bombs bursting in air?

Nope. We – US of Anti-Humanity — are punks. Very powerful like drug cartel honchos. Just order a few Russians around, a few Frenchmen, a few German women and men, a few Spaniards and Portuguese, and then intercept a president’s jet. Evo Morales’ presidential plane. Board it with drug-sniffing dogs. Go find Edward Snowden.

Ya think it’s high time to derail the systems of power any way you can? Nah, not in placid, compliant, corporatized America? How hard fair citizens would it be to knock over a few banks with a few dozen citizens monkey wrenching and learning a few tricks of the trade from the Anarchist’s Cookbook?

Firebombing Democracy

Instead, we have these genetically-stripped away monsters, like that human man-child, daft as hell, strange looking like his face is still pressed up against someone’s womb at night, Donald Trump. Telling the UK to eff-off. No wind farms near his casino or golf course. Can you imagine how effete the UK and Europe have become with someone like Trump telling them to stuff those wind turbines so he can push more of the vapidity of American resort profiteering.

LONDON — The Scottish government on Tuesday approved an offshore wind farm that has drawn the ire of American tycoon Donald Trump, who fears it will spoil the views at his luxury golf resort nearby.

Trump vowed to bring a lawsuit to stop the 230 million pound ($349 million) development, which consists of 11 wind turbines planned off the coast near Aberdeen in northeastern Scotland.

“We will spend whatever monies are necessary to see to it that these huge and unsightly industrial wind turbines are never constructed,” the real estate mogul said in a statement.

Scottish energy minister Fergus Ewing said the project will boost the local economy, test new technologies and be capable of providing energy to meet the electricity needs of 49,000 homes – almost half the number in Aberdeen.

The wind farm, owned by Swedish power company Vattenfall and a local business consortium, still needs to obtain a marine license and approval for an onshore substation.

Trump is concerned that the turbines will spoil sea views for golfers at his sprawling, 750 million pound ($1.2 billion) resort at Menie Estate, which opened last summer despite strong local opposition.


Bottom Feeders Get Rich Quick

These are the times for pukes like Trump and Patreaus, the John Kerry turncoats, the Clintons, anyone with an ounce of devil and a pound of fear running through their veins. Can anyone actually take a school like USC or CUNY seriously anymore when they pay this pug all that money for nothing?

Note these human bottom-feeders here – “crisis communications experts”!@#$%? “Image builders?”

America is a very forgiving nation,” said Michael Levine who, among dozens of other celebrity clients, represented Michael Jackson during his first child molestation investigation.

“If he follows the path of humility, personal responsibility and contrition, I submit to you that he will be very successful in his ability to rehabilitate his image,” he said.

Another longtime crisis communications expert, Howard Bragman, said Petraeus has handled the situation perfectly so far and he expects he’ll continue to do so. He noted that unlike former President Bill Clinton, former U.S. Sen. John Edwards and other public figures caught in extramarital affairs, Petraeus didn’t try to lie his way out of it, immediately took responsibility and moved on.

“I think the world is open to him now,” said Bragman, vice chairman of the image-building company “I think he can do whatever he wants. Realistically, he can even run for public office, although I don’t think he’d want to because he can make more money privately.”


Yet, the world wide intercepting internet has us all pegged – people who have had some minor run-in with the law, now, plastered all over the internet, and there are companies who are paid to remove the stuff,  while we just grovel and struggle to find work, and our working class or middle class foibles cause us permanent under-or un-employment. So, the greedy things find the dirt on us, publish it, put it in Search Engine Optimization land, and then offer to get it taken down, scrubbed, pushed aside, for a FAT FEE!

We are the nation of creeps and stalkers and snitches and rotting-in-the-middle Little Eichmanns. Typhoid Mary would be a queen today compared to these capitulators of death and murder and mental and spiritual mayhem.

PRINCETON — A lawsuit that argues Princeton University violates the provisions of its tax-exempt status survived a university-led attempt to throw the case out Thursday.

Plaintiffs in the case argue that, because Princeton is earning hundreds of millions of dollars in patent royalty income and is distributing some of that money to faculty, the school is deeply involved in commercial enterprise and isn’t entitled to its tax exemptions.

The suit also takes aim at campus buildings that host extensive commercial activity, such as the Frist Campus Center and McCarter Theatre, which sells tickets to the general public for many events and performances.

Public interest lawyer Bruce Afran, who represents a handful of Princeton residents in the case, said yesterday that tax court judge Vito Bianco said the case had merit, and the potential precedent it could set was so far-reaching that the case was too important to be dismissed.

“This is the first time this type of challenge has been filed in any state,” Afran said.

“This is an extremely important case. People have been watching this.”

Finally, a bye-bye from poet Charles Fraser from Oh-Canada!

Greetings brothers. This is a nice conversation concerning the state of labour in these neo-liberal times. Yes, I as well remember when Ray-gun fired all those air traffic controllers. It was the start of the race to the bottom. As a Canadian, involved with the union movement, I never could understand why a national strike wasn’t called?? 12 years ago in BC, the neo-con government ripped up an active collective agreement with the hospital workers and there wasn’t a general strike. One time in BC if a government even thought of doing something like that there would have been a mass general strike. The contract was renegotiated by an American company for half the wages and benefits. I fear we do not do enough educating of the rank and file, nor, do we connect with unorganized workers like we did back in the day. A lot of folks are living off the benefits left to them by our grandfathers and mothers. They think they are a part of the upper classes. A lot of things are mixed-up. There is no critical thinking capabilities taught to students. I teach courses in critical social work policy, at UNBC, social work, I am amazed at the fact these students do not know how policy is formed. Where to from here. Actually, seeing Obama re-elected gave me some hope for change to start, there is a lot of resistance and you know you can’t be neutral on a fling plane, or is that a drone!! I guess we just keep doing what we can, where we can, with what we got. Poetry and independent presses can help get the messages of hope out, urging folks to dawn their critical thinking capabilities to see through the fog of consumerism. Body bags incoming, shopping bags outgoing and no one could care less. Rich ones start them, poor ones fight them. writing poetry, protesting, attending union meetings, helps a dissident to feel good!! I loved Paul’s take on the coders, so true, techies with no critical abilities, will tweet for the highest bidder… solidarity!! Chuck Fraser

Charles Fraser on DV
Charles Orloski on DV
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