Airport security sirens ring loudly
A man carrying a black briefcase
Had beat poetry books, apparently,
Armed and ready to be read
Ginsberg, Kerovac,
Even a lone book by
Ferlenghetti, that alone, if read,
Could liberate everyone in the security area
It is rumoured that such poetry books
Are packed with words like:
Peace, love, hope, adventure, critical thinking,
Any one of these shards
Could liberate a person instantly
Undoing a life time of propaganda
From right-wing news media outlets
The poet was from Canada
He was also carrying
Homemade poems of liberation
The lone wolf poet said:
“If given the chance,
He would have read them on the plane.”

There seems to be a rash of these dissidents
Another poet was found in broad daylight
With radical poetry books strapped to his chest
He was holding one which was connected to the others
Which could cause a mass reading, if ignited
One can only imagine the amount of:
Freedom and liberation this could cause
On a university campus.
One poet said that in order for the
Bird of democracy to fly straight
The left-wing needs to flap
As well as the right-wing.
The sleeping public is asked to be vigil
If you see a poet, do not go near him/her
Please call the anti-poetry police
The masses are cautioned
To watch for women poets
They decode patriarchy
And can undo much of the lies
Around the issues of equality.

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.