Peeping NSA

Monitoring dissidents, occupiers and
Other outraged citizens, NSA goons
Get to hear dumb phone conversations
And dissect inane emails, but laptop
Cameras also allow them to watch
Folks stroking themselves as they
Log on to Porn Hub, while the NSA
Voyeurs also jerk off energetically
In their 3.2 billion headquarters.
(Unemployed perverts, do send
Your application to Fort Mead.)

Mass surveillance’s main goal isn’t safety
But intimidation and blackmail. Duh!
Which judges or congressmen are addicted
To call girls or child porn? Who rape teens?
Who have mistresses? Who hide in closets?
With mass surveillance, everyone is cowed.

Though they can’t do anything without
Setting off a dozen red flags, they’ll
Red flag you for googling, or merely
Writing in an email: “Initiative,”
“Plot,” “shoot,” “torch,” “attack,” “Federal Reserve,”
“Car bomb,” “dirty bomb,” “cherry bomb,” “da bomb,”
“Assassination” or “burn down Wall Street.”
Though all they do is bomb,
They jump at the mere word.

Seeing and hearing all, they still managed
To miss that alleged Boston terrorist,
Though they have been warned repeatedly
By the Russians, “Hey, hey, dumbshits,
Watch that Chechen guy!” In truth,
They missed nothing. They knew exactly
Where Tarmelan was all along, up to
When they stripped and shot him, unarmed.

Then they got rid of two participating agents,
By tossing them from a helicopter, the way
Viet Congs used to be tossed. Remember
The SEALs who supposedly killed Bin Laden?
They too were killed by their own government.
No corpse, videos or photos, only
A broken chopper tail, implying
A bungled raid, with casualties.
Sooner or later a SEAL would yak,
Refuting the official fairy tale,
So all these “heroes” had to be silenced.
Jerking their media puppets, they laugh off
Each new expose of their endless crimes.

As American soldiers raped Iraqi women,
They claimed Jessica Lynch had been raped,
Though she herself denied this, and
Though Pat Tillman was murdered
By an American sniper, they claimed
He was killed in a Taliban ambush.
For questioning their SEAL son’s death,
A Philly couple was even molested by
The NSA’s hairy palms and fists.

Since we can barely listen or remember,
They can lie to us without consequence.
For lying about doping, Barry Bonds
Was convicted of obstruction of justice,
But for lying about using the Bill of Rights
To wipe his mendacious ass, Alexander
Will probably receive the Presidential
Medal of Honor or Freedom, plus
Honorary Degrees from Brown and Yale.

The USA has become a one-way mirror,
And a one-way, high-speed highway to hell.
In this perverted, capsized nation, the top
Criminals are lauded, while the selfless
And conscientious are caged, when not shot.

Hey, Homeland Security, FBI, CIA or NSA
Busy bodies following me as I’m typing this,
How low will you bend to scrutinize my nuts,
And is your petty power trip worth serving such
Sinister bosses, for they will turn on you, too?
Seeing and hunting so many enemies,
You will also be hunted and killed.

Linh Dinh is the author of two books of stories, five of poems, and a novel, Love Like Hate. He's tracking our deteriorating social scape through his frequently updated photo blog, Postcards from the End of America. Read other articles by Linh.