Breaking Good

Critical thoughts
Caught in the mind, like
A grain of sand
In an oyster shell
Over time
Becoming pearls of wisdom
Transformative praxis at large
One ally at a time
Changing the world
Betting it all on better tomorrows
Envisioning a world without:
War, poverty, greed, hunger, genocides
Putting egos and status aside,
Just once, believing it can be done
For dreams and miracles
Are fulfilled in such ways
Has it not become obvious
What we have done has not worked
Listen to your heart and mind
Block worldly noises, and
Encoded corporate messages
Jamming critical thinking capabilities
Like our relatives Salmon and Geese
We have homing senses as well, you know it!
The time is at hand to discard worldly things
It is time to save the world from ourselves
Activate your personal instructions
Found deeply in your psyche
Encrypted long before you were born
Everyone has critical roles to play
Ensuring human tumblers are aligned
To open minds to new possibilities
Based on principles of peace and love
Ushering in a new age of human kind(ness)
Evolving into butterflies of the light
No more violence or macho fights
It all ends today,
Start planting seeds of peace and freedom
Activate, germinate, liberate,
Do what you can, where you can.
“activism is the rent we pay for living on Earth.”
It appears brothers and sisters, we are in arrears
The landlord from hell is at the door
With an eviction notice in his bony hand…

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.