Kings and queens sailed ships, to
Colonize other shores
For gold and silver
To continue: genocide,
Slavery, torture, and death,
All in the name of God,
For all others were mere savages.
Not much has changed,
Genocide still continues
In order to lay claim
To land, resources, and riches,
That belongs to others.
Killing millions of children,
Women, and innocent citizens,
Collateral damage or friendly fire
All in the name of corporate profit.
Millions of children starve to death
Or lack basic medical attention.
Forced to work in sweat shops
Making brand name clothes
The elite don’t even bat a lash,
There will be another Bangladesh.
Unfettered greed caused slavery,
Genocide of Indigenous people,
They don’t want to pay a union wage
Corruption, the order of the day,
They care not who they slay.
Body bags incoming,
Shopping bags out going.
Always looking for a good deal/steal
No matter what the cost…
Whether sails of the colonizer’s ships
Or sales from clothing made in sweatshops,
Someone has to pay the full price…..

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.