My City of War Gods in Ruin

Crusaders W. Bush and Obama,
I congratulate you both —
Good Christian gentlemen, you set Islam afire,
set stage for Moneychangers permanent return,
a hostile takeover of U.S.A. Temple Treasury,
Such a pity Jesus has not more capitalists like you,
our One-World’s getting very weird.

No doubt you heard about Alaric
the Christian Visigoth?
Some “back-sliders” thought him a barbarian,
and come 410 A.D., Alaric’s troops pillaged Rome,
for three days, victors carried off vast booty,
left behind corpses, created refuges, ruined-ruins.
Radio Free Macedonia reported Alaric hollered
“Mission Accomplished” on burning Senate portico.

April 2003, with support of Christian Zionists,
apocalyptic End of Worlder dream,
Baghdad, City of Uhr, fell to American Empire;
many corpses, ancient ruin destruction,
Abu Ghraib re-opened for business,
and soon after Iraqi liberation,
Exxon-Mobil carried off vast booty,
oilfield contracts signed with Islamists,
real-men who could do business with W. Bush,
the “Education President” who saw “into Putin’s soul.”

Well President Obama,
Nobel Peace Prize and Warrior Bible in-hand,
Conqueror of Taliban, Libya, and counting,
I stay intentionally in your Light’s shadow.
Why don’t you spend a week on Blue Danube,
Get a killer white-tan?
Everyone says it’s a wonderful climate,
a good place to get away from U.S. murder & mayhem,
reconnect with Alaric’s spiritual legacy,
golf 18 with “good” al Qaeda putters, plot more attacks,
for God and Caesar. .

You are strong, Barack, “be all you can be,”
never say never to 3rd term, “turn-cheek” to no drone,
but hey, wait one moment, please?
What’s that W. Bush said the other day?
Dubya read Camus’ Stranger, Boston Marathon bombing
a conspiracy, and brother Jeb’s primed to take over?
(Such humanitarian language even barbarians prefer to delete)

I never want to watch Dallas sitcoms & Empires rise and fall anymore,
and by the Way, President Obama, the one and only Way,
Did Reverend Wright ever speak about a prosecutor named Paul?
The apostle once took a heaven-bolt, fell off a horse on road to Damascus,
but you shall not, President Obama, you are Chicago invincible,
War Gods are with you, and “who can be against you?”

Charles Orloski lives in Taylor, Pa. He can be reached at: . Read other articles by Charles.