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Phantom’s Preface

Below you will find a link to “About Writing About,”  a text by Barbara Mor. It’s in PDF format, so please be sure you have a PDF-capable browser or PDF reader (or download one for free; the Internet is seething with PDF and ebook readers…).

Ms. Mor is the author of the influential modern classic, The First God, ridiculously renamed The Great Cosmic Mother by Harping Collards, who published the book under this name in 1987, and dubiously co-attributed its authorship to the late Monica Sjöo, for whom English was a second language, though she wrote as if it were a distant third (as one perusing works Ms. Sjöo actually did author might rightfully assume; quite contrary to the powerful prose of The Great Cosmic Mother — oh verily reader, that corny title makes this Phantom — and Ms. Mor herself — cringe; though indeed, it’s what’s inside that counts).

Ms. Mor also wrote The Blue Rental (published in 2011 by Oliver Arts and Open Press), one of the most dynamic, inventive collections of texts this Phantom has read. She is a frequent contributor to C-Theory, and was interviewed nearly a decade ago by Dissident Voice, and in the book, Poetry, Mysticism and Feminism from the Nave to Th’ Chops: An Interview With Barbara Mor.

Alas, like many other great American writers and thinkers Ms. Mor has been neglected by Power’s Media and consigned to /dev/null.

Your humble Phantom submits “About Writing About,” the third in a series of Ms. Mor’s works that will emerge from the files of DissidentVoice/dev/null.

All comments above are merely one Phantom’s opinion, and do not reflect… well, anyone else’s opinion. Readers are encouraged to read Ms. Mor’s work and form opinions of their own.

Yours (mine, actually; what a ridiculous trope: “yours;” verily we are stifled; we cannot even write our own words),

The Phantom of /dev/null


NOTE: If you click on the link and see nothing but deepest darkest blackness on your browser window, don’t panic. You’ve merely entered the nether regions of  /dev/null. Welcome to my world. Click FILE then SAVE AS to save the 3 page PDF document to the safety of your own computer. Do not look back, lest ye turn into a pillar of iodized, low-sodium, artificially flavored, sugar-and-fat-free, processed salt food product…

Barbara Mor is author of The Blue Rental, a collection of 10 texts published by Oliver Open Press in April, 2011. Her work has appeared online at,,,, & Earlier work in Sulfur, BullHead, Mesechabe, MS. OrpheusGrid (US); Trivia: A Journal of Ideas (Can), SpectacularDiseases, OrpheusGrid, Ocular, Ecorche & Intimacy (UK). Mor is the author of The First God, marketed NewAgedly by HarperCollins (1987, 1991) as The Great Cosmic Mother. Mor is the product of the Southwest desert & coast (SoCal, NM & AZ) & sees the rest of America as a weird mirage. Read other articles by Barbara, or visit Barbara's website.