American Buffet

As Jefferson set the table and Washington carved the bird we braced for war.

Armed with a pellet gun, I did my thing: extinguished a Limey and his red coat cousins.

Then in the future, on a distant planet, I did the natives, though I’m not sure why.

The excitement made me giddy. Up.

I blushed like a school-girl.

It has been my honor and privilege to obliterate them all.

Fortune has indeed been kind.

Such is the nature of cinema and dreams.

God bless us and our Freedoms – or we’ll kill the bastard.

Sue Warrior, a self-described "couch potato with only two eyes," has published poetry, fiction, essays and articles in various on-line and hard-copy journals. She has no cats. Nor does she own a car, prefering to travel to from her home to her studio by bicycle or if absolutely necessary, on foot. Read other articles by Sue.