enterd the scruffy girl into his room the typical silence
rage of piercd nose tattoo of something wild on her arm
probably all her body under the rough clothing of their
attitude perhaps a tribe of them scatterd in alleys under
bridges sleeping on busbenches waiting for night to go
out like rats scavengers of whats left after civilization
has gorgd its usual dinner

she didnt wouldnt pay him the respect of eating the food
orderd for her w/any relish not the condiment the appetite
burger fries coke one of those who ate pure or dumpster?
although he knew she was hungry hunger was all anger
food as if not tasted omnivorous disdain for all taste only
the profound contempt for everything deservd of the
world by the young yet she ate everything every scrap
the whole cheap feast but not as food as judgment at
least absolutely honest no lady pushing nutrients away
obviously starving for her elegance the girl was an animal
not a bitch what is admirable in the young when they
refuse to become actors in a bad play

-everyone wants to live be in some other time or place he
sd finally Be different orNo be the same different world
surrounding altogether. so we imagine
he could hear her brain ticking Fuck imagination its only
money out of here and money
But that was an action her own fake script written for the
world of zookeepers like him obviously what she wanted
was for something to make sense but that was gourmet
dining not on aBurgerKing takeout menu

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Barbara Mor is author of The Blue Rental, a collection of 10 texts published by Oliver Open Press in April, 2011. Her work has appeared online at www.ctheory.net, www.TriviaVoices.net, www.TriviaVoices.com, www.dissidentvoice.org, & www.woodslot.com. Earlier work in Sulfur, BullHead, Mesechabe, MS. OrpheusGrid (US); Trivia: A Journal of Ideas (Can), SpectacularDiseases, OrpheusGrid, Ocular, Ecorche & Intimacy (UK). Mor is the author of The First God, marketed NewAgedly by HarperCollins (1987, 1991) as The Great Cosmic Mother. Mor is the product of the Southwest desert & coast (SoCal, NM & AZ) & sees the rest of America as a weird mirage. Read other articles by Barbara, or visit Barbara's website.