Spaeiouk, Memory: 5. Corporate Body With Nails and All

It is indeed possible that the myth of the “dead king
sacrifice,” which culminated in Jesus appeasing his “mean
Old Man,” as the common men say, (do the common men have any idea how
many strings the Old Man had to pull to get that
long-haired, sandal-wearing, peace-loving “hippie” son of
his a lucrative position as a Master Carpenter, with health
benefits and union card?) for the sins of mankind, in order
to save mankind, was not as wickedly conceived as the mind
of mankind is capable of and consistent in conceiving.

Men hate and fear god. Naturally. The way they hate and fear
The Corporation and The Unseen Executives and Board Members
who steward it. But like The Corporation (and The Unseen),
the Old Testament Lord Yahweh was invisible, immortal,
untouchable. But Jesus, his “representative” on earth, was
quite mortal, visible and touchable. Better yet, he was
capable of being hurt. Of feeling pain. Obscene amounts of

So men nailed him to the cross in vengeance, their only
means of redress against the merciless, implacable,
unreachable Yahweh.

What — or who — must be sacrificed to seek redress against
The Corporation?

That is the question posed to me daily by The Unseen. I
must find the one or ones who know the answer to this
potentially troublesome question. And kill them.

Dr. Spaeiouk (pronounced "spake, speak, spike, spoke and spook" according to both class and dialect in various regions of his native land), has been a researcher and perception manager since immigrating to The Nation many years ago. He might or might not be working on his memoir, "Spaeiouk, Memory," which might or might not be plausibly denied. Don't know him? Not to worry. He most certainly knows you. Very well. Very well indeed... Read other articles by Dr. Spaeiouk.