Big Bang

IT from darkness nothingness imagined gas light heat
Expanding matter light cool rocks dust stars
Electric zaps the soup amoeba shiver sex charge
Hominids crush coconuts with rocks
I Me Mine
Pharaohs Caesars Presidents…cannot resist
desire’s IT-mind of eternal light and
SELF eternal not-extinction on and on amen
Power of synthetic suns unleashed by I Me Mine imagining IT
“as Man” will save them recall yesterday’s creatures
long-gone to the henceforth and pretense resurrect
meat-matter dead gone
Silent deepest darkness nothingness IT moves forever
conscious of IT’s on and on amen

Some critics have called Yizhak Maplebury “a poet of no small importance.” Others have called him “a small poet of no importance.” Little is known about Maplebury as he exists beyond the page. Unproven rumors have abounded that he was (and perhaps still is) a notorious gang-land/CIA hit-man, code-named, “The Egghead,” whose method of dispensing “justice” (for those who pay – him – unto those who most egregiously fail to pay the ones who pay -- him) inspired fear in the hearts of even the most jaded power-brokers on the world information/money market. The notorious NYC mobster, Boss Parcheesi, for instance, was mysteriously abducted from the locked vault he'd had himself sealed into, only to be found, what remained of him at any rate, in a New Orleans tobacco store, in a tin of what an unsuspecting, quite obviously horrified, customer had assumed, upon purchase, was a can of vacuum-packed, safety-sealed, fine Virginia pipe-tobacco. Again, these allegations are unproven. Anyway, what does it matter what Maplebury did – or does – to earn his “living?” We modern readers are not concerned with the life of the artist, but the value of the work... Read other articles by Yitzhak.