Re-humanization: A Glossary of Terms


Avaricious (adj.)—“grasping, acquisitive, covetous, mercenary”
Bourgeois (adj.)– “selfishly materialistic… greedy, acquisitive, banal,
                        conformist, philistine, capitalist (middle-class)”
Corruption (n.)—“moral deterioration, decay… venality”
Ignoble (adj.)—“dishonorable, mean, base”
Inhuman (adj.)—“brutal, unfeeling… vicious”
Joyless (adj.)—“depressed, gloomy… dreary”
Neurotic (adj.)—“suffering from anxiety, obsessions, compulsive acts”
Philistine (n.)—“vulgarian, yahoo”; (adj.)—“materialistic, unread”
Robot (n.)—“person who works mechanically but insensitively”
Soulless (adj.)—“lacking sensitivity or noble qualities”
Vice (n.)—“defect of character… transgression, shortcoming”


Aesthetic (adj.)—“sensitive to beauty”
Exuberant (adj.)—“buoyant, spirited, zestful”
Free (adj.)—“independent, self-governing… unconstrained”
Humane (adj.)—“benevolent, compassionate”
Integrity (n.)—“honor, rectitude… wholeness”
Magnanimous (adj.)—“nobly generous: not petty in feelings or conduct”
Meditative (adj.)—“thoughtful, reflective”
Natural (adj.)—“uncultivated, wild… inherent, innate… spontaneous”
Romantic (adj.)—“imaginative, visionary, idealistic”
Sagacious (adj.)—“showing insight, good judgment or wisdom”
Sincere (adj.)—“free from pretense or deceit… unfeigned, open”
“Soul” (human; n.)—“essential… moral, emotional, or intellectual nature”

SOURCE: The Oxford Desk Dictionary

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