American Book of the Dead: Pompeii History App Version 7

ALT-CTR-F shortcut to Pompeii 3D. Version 7 (Copyright NewDeadCity Software).

Login: Us3r

Passwd: 3mp1r3

Us3r, you assume Pompeian ruins a 3D street garden of Roman baths, a pleasure web, a sight for sea-site tourists!

Know thy data-prompt.

Property NewDeadCity. Dot calm.

Screen Zoom Option-7 focus: letters of consequence. Graffiti mark the ruins. Command-Option-Shift the perilous hiccup of Vesuvius. Hiccup cough hiccup mute day centuries under a quilt of ash. Understand? Us3r, do you understand?

Property of NewDeadCity. Dot Calm.

Behold the broken garden-statues, camera-prompt above the parched ruin of a fountain. Image quality may vary with  RAM and speed of processor, each according to his ability to render unto Caesar what he needs. Full development of instance. Remains be scene.

StillLife option LiveLife. Click option click. Two thousand calendars emote 3D. Depends on strength of hardware. For instance, the sudden animation update — minutes long — of the unfolding. That is, what occurs. Parties privy to the festive orgy image will know immediately, if the EZ-U APP Graphic Wizard is installed, that they are within legal proximity of Version 7 and may proceed to watch the beauty drink laugh people watch talk. Image and sound quality may vary according to card model manufacture merchant and serial gossip re: the merchant’s wife. Her paramour, if properly focused, is the focus of her clique. Revelers fresh and wholesome gather by the fountain statue. Sound quality may vary. Version 7.

Us3r you fragment! Typical enter of what ruins!  The Bedroom. The Carpenter. The merchant’s wife. Click. Camera. Obscure screen-shot access to this subtle web of interaction havoc. If in the arch a statue of the cuckhold carved in Stone appears, congratulations! You’re in Version 7.

Enjoy, Us3r, the shops houses gardens, and virtual gatherings on virtually ancient public streets. Walk the anywhere angle in pursuit of the camera prompt which leads — in Version 7 — to where  girls bathe a woman left of a certain talk young man.

Us3r!  StillLife option click. Again, click again. Command Option click. Click.

The temple coven had been ritual. Where pagan blood magicians, priests of fountain gore, resolved humiliating sins. Chant, chant the lunatic dance. Blood puppet souvenirs of worship. Us3r, please: Virtual LifePict App. Us3r, cast us all!

Bakers bread turned stone ash-boulders zip-locked eons. Refrigerate after opening the woman cursed (you remember: the bath), subject of  ritual. Caught flagrante delicto with the Carpenter on the Merchant’s bed. Yes, The Wife of Bath herself — on line waiting for the fossil bakery to open.

NewDeadCity is not calm with the inference of “tour master.” No mere ghost snapper of carnal play, but the digital of Us3r’s life-attract. Full commit to edify in 3 dimensions of amusement. Upgrade available. Version 7.

Beyond the broad scope history of desktop, Us3r, you seek bold adventure. Click Wander Option. Diverge from beaten paths less traveled. Seek, bold Us3r, the Alone Vision in Panoramica — registered customers download free.

Behold the mound of sweating anthropologist in shirt-sleeve denim. Lowering a kind of hook or anchor, angling the  rope catch.

Retrieved: one human skull, sockets caked. Decay dirt ash mold. A femur, a pelvis, an ankle. Bracelets, necklace, rings. Sum Total: skeleton sandals jewels.


mount the mound

pour plaster

let harden


Prompt. Prompt. Prompt. Click. Reveal. Under  chiseled ash: a plaster beauty statue, arms out-stretched, stopped (forever stop of graphic irony), stopped, her run stopped by  (of? in?) the sudden ash-rock matrix of her tomb.

A girl — Seventeen? Twenty? — in statue likeness of her heretofore.


Light tunic it was Summer. Spark of eye — in plaster. Smooth. Throat skin. Jewelry, sandals. Caught running not away toward August night where her lover when no mean intent no two thousand ears.

Us3r you must look and listen (assuming recommended hardware requirements have been observed).

Us3r, know thy data. Understand?

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