We Had to Bomb the Nuclear Waste Dump in order to Save It

I really should get out more.  But I suppose if
/dev/null exists — as it must, in its own
non-existence — we’ll have company. That is, the U.S.
Military will sooner or later find out where we are and
blow us to smithereens.

It seems the All-knowing U.S. Military has been using
depleted uranium weapons to take out…depleted

According to the Malu’aina, the “Center for
Non-violent Education and Action” in Ola’a (Kurtistown)
Hawai’i   (http://malu-aina.org/), the U.S. has been
expoding DU rounds and other ordnance near populated
areas in Hawaii.

“The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) will be
issuing a license for the mongoose to guard the hen
house in Hawaii.  The Army will be issued an NRC
license to possess Depleted uranium (DU) in Hawaii at
Schofield Barracks and the Pohakuloa Training Area
(PTA),”  wrote Jim Albertini on  malu-aina.org.

“The Army will be issued an NRC license to possess
Depleted uranium (DU) in Hawaii at Schofield Barracks
and the Pohakuloa Training Area (PTA).  In effect, the
NRC is licensing Hawaii nuclear waste dumps and
allowing those dumps to be bombed, spreading the
nuclear dump debris wherever the wind takes it” the
Malu’aina website states.

Bombing nuclear waste dumps. Now that’s pathological. I
wonder if they bomb their own hair before combing it in
the morning. Lost the can opener? Why, call in an air

“We take care of everything!” the armed forces seem to
be saying.  Or more to the point, “We have to bomb the
nuclear waste-dump in order to save it…”

Albertini points out that “DU exists at Schofield
Barracks and PTA, and perhaps other present and former
military sites in Hawaii, including Kaho’olawe and
Makua Valley. A minimum of 700, perhaps more than 2000,
DU Davy Crockett spotting rounds have been fired at

Albertini seems to imply that the US Military values
its bombs, the very act of bombing, more than the
health and safety of US citizens and even its own
troops. Then again, he does claim that uranium is
showing up in Hawai’i residents’ urine…

“DU cluster bombs, and more than a dozen DU penetrating
rounds, DU bunker busters, etc. may also have been
fired at PTA and elsewhere,” he writes. “What’s needed
is a peoples’ movement of non-violent resistance to
stop the bombing to protect the people and land of
Hawaii against attacks by the U.S. military.”

People are going to have to risk arrest — and you can
be sure there’ll be arrests if people resist, however
non-violently — in order to stop the U.S. military
from bombing the waste of their own bombs and other
nuclear refuse.

This is beyond madness. Dr. Strangelove would look at
you funny if you suggested bombing a pile of garbage.
But at least it shows they recognize the waste dumps as
a problem. The unfortunate thing is, they have one way
and one way only of dealing with any problem…

You can reach the Malu ‘Aina Center For Non-violent
Education & Action at  www.malu-aina.org to let them
know you’re aware of their plight. This issue goes
beyond the fact that these sites probably shouldn’t be
there in the first place, much less unregulated and
licensed to the military…but to bomb nuclear waste?

Of course,  this isn’t an act of stupidity, but rather
cunning. How else to test the response of a healthy
population to scattered toxic debris? The people of
Iraq aren’t good subjects cause they get hit directly,
and soldiers are always in the proximity of DU. But to
test the effects of a limited attack by an enemy, say,
the U.S. Air Force, what better subjects than the
people of Hawaii, which is far enough away from the
“mainland” to avoid contaminating the integrity of the

Well, better go get my Haz-Mat suit.  If there’s one
thing we know in this life, in any life, is “if it’s
there” — and I like to think /dev/null is ‘there,’
somewhere — “the U.S. Military will bomb it…”


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