The World’s First Terrorist

Where is Violence Learned?

Who “taught” parents that it’s their right/obligation to hit their children?

I know that the bible says “spare the rod, spoil the child”, but I imagine this method of “educating” children began long before that. And I imagine it will continue (unless we stop it) long after this generation is gone.

How many shocking stories are there of children being beaten by their parents for the slightest of “mistakes?” They peed the bed. They spilt the milk. They woke their parents up. They cried. And then, some were even told to go and get the “weapon” that their parents were to use in beating them: A switch off a tree; a belt; a piece of hose.

Of course, this has to be done. A loving parent must “teach” the child obedience; otherwise their kid will grow up wild and not obey anyone.

So with terror and tears in their eyes the kid submits to this “justice.” And the first “terrorist” that this child meets in the world is not only four times its size — but far worse, it’s the very one they thought loved them.

It’s not so strange that some parents feel no remorse for what they’re doing. And no anger for what was also done to them by “their” parents. For yes, all of these feelings are suppressed, as the business of raising/terrorizing children continues one generation after another.

Strange thing is I don’t recall the child Jesus ever being beaten by his parents Joseph and Mary. And he seemed to turn out all right. Matter of fact, all I remember in the bible was that his parents treated him with love and respect. Too bad that model of parenting isn’t pushed by the churches of today. Maybe we could break this cycle of violence in the world if we dealt with it from where it all started; in the home.

If we understood that every smack is a humiliation for a child, would we continue doing it?

If you disagree with this, then I take it that you wouldn’t be humiliated if someone four times your size hit you.  What do you think “you” would feel if this happened to you as an adult?



Scared to death?

Now imagine what a defenseless child feels when its own parent does this to them. And also imagine what they will do when they’re big enough to stop this abuse. For whether we’re aware of it or not, that is exactly what these children are being subjected to; child abuse.

All of us have a chance (and what should be an obligation) to end this cycle of abuse and violence.

It’s not going to end on its own. It’s only going to end by each and every one of us demanding that it not be allowed into our own homes.

Marty Zupan is a a foundry worker from Seattle. He can be reached at Read other articles by Marty.