Cranky Zionist Apologist Taken to the Wood Shed

This video was done by request; it was like the third random person who asked me to do it, so I went ahead and did it. Basically we have a Zionist apologist, Pat Condell, who also hates religion except for Zionism. It’s a bit like Sam Harris justifying the Neocons and war propaganda with Iran. “Atheist” but still Jewish and still very colored by FAITH not facts. To be clear, to hell with Hamas, but it is hardly an abnormal political reaction to the level? of intense brutality that Israel has implemented over the last six decades. Israel killed Muhammad Abu Daqqa by shooting him the stomach from a helicopter. Type in his name gather as many sources as you want. And this was after already murdering 65 other people in Gaza this year. Whereas zero Israelis were killed. Also five Palestinians were murdered in the West Bank as well.

Ryan Dawson is a teacher, martial arts instructor, and political writer who grew up on an island. He has moved about 12 times for different reasons and has traveled the world because of work, and No he wasn't in the military. Read other articles by Ryan, or visit Ryan's website.