The Birth of World 5.0

The Winter Solstice of this year, 12.21.12, is the most auspicious occasion in modern memory. No other date resonates with such ancient warnings and curious attention. No other date has offered so much speculation. And our actual science-based information on this topic is close to nil. Wow!

What we are told is that this is to be a time of great transition, perhaps bringing an end to our civilization and even our lives. If so, what happens afterward is of no concern. Others think we face a ‘Y2K’ like experience, a barely noticeable blip on the radar, if there is anything noticeable at all. A third group imagines we face a great awakening, a new ‘Age of Aquarius’ with a suddenly enlightened culture full of peace and love, with rich and rewarding relationships for us all.

In less than two weeks we’ll know much more clearly. As the founder of World 5.0, I’m especially curious of what is to come. The notion of World 5.0 came to me some eight years ago, and I’ve been enchanted with the idea ever since. I’ve written a book on the topic [free download from world5.org], produced a Declaration video, and posted any number of articles and musings on the topic. After this auspicious date of 12.21.12, World 5.0 may well become the recognized ‘operating system’ for our culture as we move forward.

Why? Because it brings truth. It recognizes that Life Is This Moment, there is no reality outside of here and now. This is the first truth. Such an obvious recognition should be the central pillar of science and religion. That Now is not recognized as the singular point of reality is a clear sign of our confused culture.

Next is the recognition of the central role of our intent in determining the quality and flow of our lives. Indeed, it is how we use our intent here and now that determines our view of the world, and from that view we create our perceptions and those perceptions dictate our level of happiness. Most simply, the constant choice we face is between love and fear, and only one is grounded in peace. This is the second truth. “The problem is never what the fear says it is. The problem is always fear itself.”

The third truth is quite simple: only Love makes us happy.

It is only when we find our common ground here in Life, and appreciate the power of our intent that we begin to find our true selves. And it is only when we find our true selves that we can be effective change agents in creating a culture of peace and love. Otherwise our lack of clarity will infuse the process with fundamental flaws such as we have in the globalized system today.

It does not seem an accident that this auspicious date finds humanity in the throes of crisis. Global warming, desertification, species annihilation, food and water shortages, dysfunctional government and generally a world gone awry. Such is the outcome one would expect if studying the effects of globalization on culture. We need a new model, where money is not the ultimate arbiter of success and power – which many of us see this death and birth as being about.

World 5.0 sees that our culture must rebalance toward feminine ideals. We need cooperation more than competition. We need nurturing more than authority. We need curiosity instead of judgment. We need togetherness instead of winners and losers. We need to be citizens, not consumers.

How does this play out in our culture? For starters we refuse the goal of ‘getting ahead’ as that necessarily leaves others behind. We refuse war as we stand for peace. We engage with everyone we meet, seeing a reflection of ourselves in each sister and brother. We enliven our local communities with our love, and apply pressure to government to effect positive change. We support local food and energy production. In short, we live honest, meaningful [and surprisingly happy] lives.

So, while we cannot yet see whether galactic alignments, solar storms, a polar shift or some other unrecognized force will wreak havoc on our planet, the truth is we have already done just that, and treated our sisters and brothers poorly in the process. Scapegoating corporations and governments, deserving though they may be, does nothing to heal our tragic situation. We must awaken and claim our personal power, leaving corruptive influences behind.

What we can see is that the same truth holds regardless of what happens on December 21st, 2012. In our personal lives it is our intent that empowers us or causes us to continue in illusions. It is our engagement in our neighborhood and local communities that creates substantive change. It is in holding the space of peace, in holding the warmth of love, that we align with the great Tao we call Life.

The truth, the lovely thing about the decay and rebirth we’re undergoing, is that this marker of 12.21.12 is the culminating point of a long and unsteady process of growing up for our species. We are finally putting away adolescent behavior and finding each other. We are finally resetting our priorities to align with relationship, community and ecology. We are awakening.

Imagine a world without war, a world where hunger is eliminated and there’s plenty of clean water for all. A world where relationships and communities are the priority – not corporatism. Imagine growing and eating healthy food, growing weed and industrial hemp, stopping the pollution and GMO risks from the agribiz food model. Imagine a functional, responsive government. Imagine millions of us working to heal the planet – planting trees, mitigating pollution, reducing carbon use, restoring our oceans. Imagine us becoming deeply attuned to Mother Earth.

The process? First we align with The Three Truths to ground ourselves Here in Life and to master our intent. We can’t repair the world when we’re distracted, wounded and otherwise enslaved by the old system. We must each find our true self and allow it to emerge.

Next we must connect. We must immerse ourselves in being the connective tissue of a new, holistic culture based on peace and love. We must let our integrity shine forth, as it lights the path to peace. And we must engage, as this very process of engaging IS Love.

One by one we leave the madness of the old broken world behind, choosing instead to make our home Here in Life. Already there are millions of us sharing this quest of healing, and sharing this passion to restore our lives and our Earth. As we learn to find our ground, connect and build a system of ethics, we awaken World 5.0. Perhaps we’re on the edge of a reckoning with the system of globalization. And the old system has no chance against the power of Life.

Join Us. Life Is. Onward.

Jim Prues is the founder of World 5.0 and the principal of Panoptic Media. He writes, plays music and golf and loves life, family and community. He can be reached at jim@world5.org Read other articles by Jim, or visit Jim's website.