Yet Another False Flag?

It’s all but impossible for the vast majority of us to know what’s really happening in the concentration camp of Gaza at the moment: none of the world’s media can be relied upon to report the truth. It would seem that Hamas is indeed behind some recent rocket attacks against various places in occupied Palestine, but who’s behind Hamas? Given that the whole world knows that Osama Bin laden and Al Qaeda were originally made in the USA would it be very extraordinary to discover, in a hundred years time that Hamas had a similar provenance?

The reason the question is not quite as bizarre as it would first appear to the uninitiated is quite simple: an attack by the feeble and impoverished inmates of Gaza Concentration Camp on one of the most ruthless, unaccountable and mightiest armies on Earth is tantamount to committing suicide. Although committing suicide is a fairly common tactic by some of these poor and desperate people, inviting the mass murders of thousands of their defenceless families and friends by pitiless foreign invaders is not such a very common tactic. So why do it?

In the almost total absence of reliable information there is another very puzzling fact – the timing of the alleged Hamas attack.

It would seem that this attack was not some spur-of-the-moment impulse. Some reports suggest that quite a large number of rockets have been fired – a Times article refers to at least 87. If the arrival of these rockets in Gaza was unknown to the Illegal Occupiers of Palestine (possible but unlikely) it would have taken some time to acquire the quantity through the tightly restricted means available to Gaza’s inmates. Such precious weapons would not be used on the whim of some small local group – especially in such numbers. This must have been a planned operation, and planned operations require timing. Why would this be timed just a few days after an American presidential election? If you were going to commit mass suicide for a political reason and wanted to ensure maximum publicity – and surely that’s exactly what you would want – why do so at the most convenient time for an American president? Why not do it a week or two before the elections when the issue would surely be front and centre of the world’s media?

It’s impossible to know if the people of Gaza support this attack. On the one hand they must obviously know what the consequences will be; but on the other hand they might also think that to invite extermination by their most hated enemy after a last-ditch show of defiance is a much better option than the horrific inhuman suffering that enemy imposes on them day after day after day. But the timing of it puzzles me. If I were going to do it there’s no way I would do it at a time that couldn’t possibly be better for an American president.

So what is the point of the Hamas action? At this moment in time it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever – viewed from the possible perspective of a Gazan inmate; so what else could be behind it?

Of course it’s possible there’s absolutely no sense to it. It’s possible that the attack was ordered by someone who is completely barking mad – but an equally likely possibility is that it’s yet another false flag operation ordered by people with fairly close links to Mossad and/or CIA. History knows it wouldn’t be the first time it’s happened, and the whole thing makes far more sense viewed from the perspective of the US and Illegal Occupiers of Palestine.

Mayhem in the Middle East is very much the order of the day, and has been for at least three decades. Without doubt the CIA, Mossad and MI6 will have been very busy throughout this time – but it will probably be at least fifty years before anyone learns just how busy. Everyone knows that Iran is the big prize at the end of it all, and there is a growing sense of doom that the time is fast approaching. The Illegal Occupiers of Palestine have made no secret of the fact that they cannot wait to get stuck-in to crushing Iran. Although the possibility of revolution in Gaza is relatively small, it would be decidedly inconvenient if such a thing happened just as you had started a major war a thousand miles away from home. From a purely military point of view, wouldn’t it make sense to eliminate the possibility of minor tactical nuisances when it was easy to do so rather than wait for a time when it would be rather more tiresome? Better to remove the possibility of revolutions at home before going off to fight unpopular wars in distant countries was a lesson the Russian royal family, for example, never learnt in time. But if you do squidge possible revolutions by committing a small genocide or two, and sacrificing one or two of your own spare civilians – necessary collateral damage of course – make sure you don’t upset your biggest bestest friend by getting your timing wrong.

We will of course have to wait to see how this latest potential genocide unfolds. But if we were to examine it from a purely qui-bono perspective it seems to me that the alleged Hamas attack might benefit the empire considerably more than it could possibly benefit the people of Gaza.

John Andrews is a writer and political activist based in England. His latest booklet is entitled EnMo Economics. Other Non-Fiction books by John are: The People's Constitution (2018 Edition); and The School of Kindness (2018 Edition); and his historical novel The Road to Emily Bay Read other articles by John.