Election 2012

To all my friends on FB,

If you vote for either of the 2 parties’ candidates, consider withdrawing from my page as what I am going to say may offend you.
We’re in this mess because of you. Not Obama, not Romney, not Boehner nor Pelosi. You are the ones who consistently give them the green light to screw us over. You don’t hold them accountable; and with Obama you only make excuses.

You’re afraid to exercise political independence for fear of recognizing that no party owns your, or others’, vote. After all, you’re independently minded. It’s others who vote with a brain and a conscience who are in the wrong, according to you.

  1. If you like perpetual war, vote O/R.
  2. If you like the privatization of our public education, and eventually even our water supply, vote O/R.
  3. If you like further restrictions on our civil liberties such as indefinite detention or execution by presidential fiat, you know how to vote on Tuesday.
  4. If you are a homeowner under water, or even foreclosed upon, and don’t mind that the bankers are ROTFL(Their)AO, then go ahead and keep their lackeys in office.
  5. If you see yourself as an environmentalist, but then see exceptions for dirty coal, nuclear power, tar sands, etc., then vote for either candidate.
  6. If you want to create more enemies in the Middle East by droning funerals and first responders then re-elect or not, you’ll still get the same.
  7. If you want to show obeisance to foreign leaders who are just shy of being psychopaths like Vice President Biden’s good friend ‘Bibi’, Obama/Romney’s your man.

Please don’t complain after the election when/if the economy goes south on you or we have another man-made environmental disaster or some people ‘over there’ just don’t like us and show it by hanging the burnt corpses of blood-thirsty mercenaries over some bridge. You gave them all permission to do this. Maybe it’s because you watch too much TV, from either PBS to Fox. They all spout the Pentagon/State Department line and help channel your anger.

Here’s a suggestion. First acknowledge that you’ve been brainwashed by very experienced people and institutions. Acknowledge that you have an addiction to simplicity and banality when it comes to being informed. When the media focus on a bad referee’s call or who’s schtuping whom in Hollywood, ask yourself, “Could something else be a little more important that we’re not seeing on the news?” Perhaps something, even overseas, that might be happening that could really affect us here?” Maybe even look at far away Iceland that began to solve its banking problem in revolutionary ways that could be applied to us.

Franz Kafka said, “There is hope, but not for us.” Is that true? Are we so dumbed down that that is our destiny? I don’t think so. I hope not.

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Myles Hoenig is a veteran of the Prince George's County Public School system in Maryland, USA. He's a long time activist for social justice. He lives in Baltimore. Read other articles by Myles.