The Declaration of Independence 2.0


Unanimous Declaration States,

When human dissolve
assume earth God

declare separation

Liberty Pursue Life Happiness

hold all created
governed of
destructive ends

abolish power of
dictate transient
to train abuse

self evident Systems
usurp direct object
prove history submitted

He refused

forbidden wholesome

operations obtained

formidable tyrants
together place

fatiguing invasions of Annihilation
exercise convulsion
prevent migration Lands

tenure their offices

hither swarms time
without Consent

render superior
combined with others of
pretended punishment

Trade by insurrection Tax
Sea death ravaged
most barbarous

Savages rule sex conditions

humble free
rest in Peace

intentions declare Power

established Fortunes levy
sacred signatures

Georgia George
Carolina John
North Hooper
Carolina Rutledge, Jr.
Lynch Massachusetts
Chase Stone
Virginia Woolf
Carroll Carrollton
Henry Lee
George Jefferson
Gordon Lightfoot
Carter Column 4
Pennsylvania Smith
August Ben Caesar
Rush Limbaugh
Lewis Carol
Reece Witherspoon
Philip Morris
Pink Floyd
James Douglas Morrison
Hart Crane
Abraham Lincoln
Mr. Whipple
Samuel Adams
Adolf Coors
Bud Light
Treat Williams
Les Paine
Eldridge Cleaver

Adam Engel lived for your sins -- and he lived well! -- in Fear-and-Trembling, Brooklyn, one of the last gangrenous toes of NYC not yet severed and replaced with a prosthetic gentrification device. Engel has traveled the farthest regions of cyberspace, where Dark-matter meets Doesn't-matter; and Anti-matter, despite its negative connotation and dour point-of-view, excercises rights of expression protected by Richard Stallman's GNU/Free Software Foundation and CopyLeft agreement, if nobody and nothing else. Having spent many years studying Boobus Americanus (Summum Ignoramus), allegedly the most intelligent mammal on earth -- after its distant relative, Homo Sapiens -- in various natural habitats (couch, cubicle, bar-stool, ball-game -- televised or 'real-time') -- Engel has thus far related his observations of and experiences with this most dangerous of predators in three books -- Topiary, Cella Fantastik, and I Hope My Corpse Gives You the Plague (the combined international sales of which have reached literally dozens, perhaps as many as seventy, with projected revenue to top three digits by decade's end! Truly a publishing phenomenon). Engel is Associate Editor of Time Capsule Books, a division of Oliver Arts & Open Press, published in limited editions for a tiny, highly specified, though eclectic, target-audience: people who actually read books. He can be reached at Read other articles by Adam, or visit Adam's website.