Dirty Hadji

August 2012, out of Gulf of Mexico he rose,
mummified, martyred, Hadji al-Callahan proclaimed
Colt .45 God is Great, he showed Red Army who is boss,
and I think he might have cared for CIA “due process”
in Pakistan, but this is not your Father’s Constitution anymore –
for Dirty Hadji speeds on Damascus Road,
pit-stops in Belly of Green Bird, he breathes Gran Torino aggression,
Mopar horsepower, Hadji does not negotiate with patriots,
shows no signs of aging, has lots of doubles, always heartless, toothy,
dialysis calling? Please leave message after beep-explosions.

OO Oh… wait a minute – Isaac winds died-down,
underground cannon booms, King Tut facelifts, virgin-Glocks,
al-Callahan is dead again? sapsucker Confederacy needs men?
This is very very bad news for Obamabiden, because Dirty Hadji
attends Republican Church, all-lah, all-lah in free,
soon Pussy Riot is safe, John Yoo supports Dentist-Drill-Speech
and Democrats could start counting dead chads now,
they could lower the body down, & I am so distressed –
my VCR is broken, those wasted Unforgiven re-runs,
a great Seal lay unrecognized in Tampa Bay aquarium, insane,
tourists pass-by, it slaps fins against Mediterranean basin,
it is very kind to beavers, O cool… leave it to beaver cleavers?
maybe I should die in Romney support? He is impeccably dressed,
at least for now while war is going on, austerity made my day yesterday,
did somebody say 13 trillion, double-down or nothing?
Uh-huh, uh-huh, I watched Clint speak at Teheran Conference 1944, ((In 21st Century America, there is a larger-than-life mythology about the political prowess of movie stars.   The star of Death Valley Days could crumble the Berlin Wall, and an Academy Award actor/director could weirdly speak to an empty chair, on national T.V. & discuss closing gates at Guantanamo Bay.   Come 2013, maybe masses in Muslim nations will buy into reigning advertisement, elect to burn Clint Eastwood in effigy?))
Dirty Hadji was 75 wrinkles old, now he’s six-shooter Red, stays off salt,
packs podium heat – hey boy, this is Texas, not House of Goldman Saud.

Charles Orloski lives in Taylor, Pa. He can be reached at: ChucktheZek@aol.com. . Read other articles by Charles.