Did You Vote for George McGovern?

Did you vote for George McGovern?

Would you have voted for George McGovern instead of Richard Nixon if you had the chance?

If you had the opportunity would you pull the lever for someone you were fairly certain would lose rather than voting for a criminal like Nixon?

After all, everyone knew Richard Nixon was going to win.

After all, Nixon was evil.

Wouldn’t that be throwing away your vote if you voted for George McGovern?

How could anyone vote for someone they knew was evil?

Millions of people voted for George McGovern in 1972 even though they were fairly certain he was going to lose.

Those millions of Americans knew that casting a vote for someone they knew was evil was the wrong thing to do. Politically. Morally. Anyway you want to think about it.

Those Americans didn’t stay at home on election day. They went out and cast their vote against evil even though they were fairly certain they wouldn’t win. They knew they had to fight the evil. They knew you always fight evil.

Once again Americans are faced with a choice. The Democratic/Republican Party claims it is choice between the lesser of two evils. The Democratic/Republican Party is lying.

What do the Democrats and the Republicans have in common?

Let’s take a quick look.

Both parties agree the United State should continue waging war against lots of countries in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Both parties agree that thieving scum corporations should be bailed out of their financial difficulties while private citizens are hung out to dry.

Both parties agree that the for-profit medical insurance industry should be propped up by legislation which supports the vampire private medical insurance industry.

Both parties agree that trade agreements, like NAFTA, are a good thing even though the end result is massive job loss in the U.S.

Both parties think new oil pipelines running across the heartland of America are just swell.
Both parties agree that the President of the United States should be given legal authority of life and death over every individual in the world.

Both parties agree that self-confessed orderers of torture should not be prosecuted, and they should be allowed to conduct national book tours where they brag about their war crimes against defenseless prisoners.

The list is quite possibly endless.

When you vote for the Republican/Democratic Party you are endorsing all of the above.

You have a choice the Democratic/Republican Party doesn’t want you to consider.

You do not have to vote for evil.

Remember George McGovern.

Vote Green.