Electoral Rape

Quite apart from his general idiocy on the issue and the reproductive powers of women, the Republican who used the word “legitimate” in referring to the crime of rape has offered the slime patrol a much greater meal than it deserves. His use more than likely, if not clearly, meant as opposed to illegitimate, given that charges of rape are sometimes made without basis except to accuse someone of a crime – like Julian Assange? – for reasons other than real brutality and violation of a woman’s body.

That so many of the bottom feeding political paparazzi and other members of the low morality club have used his stupid mistake to make themselves and the Obama campaign, by their closer to god nature, look good by comparison is only more indication that voters who choose either corporate candidate in our November parody will suffer illegitimate theft of their votes and further violation, or rape, of their democracy.

Frank Scott writes political commentary which appears online at the blog Legalienate. Read other articles by Frank.