What Evil Web Washington Weaves in Syria

By a crafty act of political ruse, Washington has envisaged a taxing state of instability by fomenting and spearheading a civil war of attrition in Syria.

Instability is seeping through cities with prodigious rapidity and spilling into neighboring countries. Cleanly choreographed terrorist operations also deepen the crippling crisis in the country.

Although Washington seems to have decided to monitor from afar the developments in Syria without any military intervention by avoiding a Libya-style scenario, they are resorting by any means to expedite the collapse of Assad regime. During a press conference in East al-Quds (Jerusalem), US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton clearly stated, “So we’re going to continue to press forward in the Security Council. We’re going to continue to press the Russians because that is an important part of reaching a resolution in the Security Council. But it is worrisome that the violence is increasing, that it is more prevalent in Damascus and the suburbs. I believe – and I’ve said it before and obviously I can’t put a timeline on it – that this regime cannot survive.”

In fact, the collapse of Syria regime has long been on Washington’s agenda.

Russia has slammed Washington’s reaction to blasts in Damascus as an outright justification of terrorism. Earlier, US State Department had announced the terrorist attacks in Syria are not surprising in view of the Assad government’s actions. The terrorist attacks which bespoke of calculated organization and planning killed some high-ranking Syrian officials including Defense Minister Dawoud Rajiha, Deputy Defense Minister Assef Shawkat, and Assistant Vice President Hassan Turkmani in a meeting between cabinet ministers and senior security personnel on Wednesday July 16.

Russian Foreign minister Sergey Lavrov said, “This is direct endorsement of terrorism. How are we supposed to understand that? This is a sinister position, I cannot find words to express our attitude towards that.”

The UN Security Council refused to condemn the terrorist attacks in Damascus. Further to that, the US permanent representative to the UN Susan Rice said acts of this nature in Damascus contribute to speeding up the adoption of a resolution on Syria according to the Chapter 7 of the UN Statute, which authorizes harsh sanctions as well as resorting to force.

With the increasing conviction that the Assad regime is breathing its last breath out, Washington has initiated a contingency plan by focusing on the chemical weapons which they claim Assad government possesses and will use against the rebels and the civilians alike if they are forced to. This has furnished the Pentagon officials with ample reasons to avail themselves of the generous contributions the Zionist regime can dole out to this end. It’s long since the US officials have run out of novel ideas and well-wrought out plans and instead rely on threadbare excuses to push ahead with their plans. As it has been profusely pointed out by pundits, the ‘chemical weapons card’ Washington is playing reeks of their claim that Saddam Hussein was in possession of a huge arsenal of WMDs before they invaded Iraq in 2003.

Nonetheless, Pentagon officials have recently conversed with Israeli defense officials “about whether Israel might move to destroy Syrian weapons facilities”. An Israeli attack on Syria will be definitely a geopolitical blunder not because such a strike will be regionally viral but because it will, to the disappointment of the Zionists, gain sympathy for Syria and condemnation for Israel. Therefore, attacking Syria under the pretext that it possesses chemical weapons and that it may use them against rebels and civilians is a farcically banal excuse. Besides, this is not exactly what Washington and Israel wish.

As for Washington, they will hardly initiate such a strike under any discoverable pretext because they are already grappling with strangling economic meltdown, unbridled social unrest and national debt closing in on nearly USD 16 Trillion.

However, the US will instead instigate other sinister forces such as Israel which wishes for the collapse of a regime which is so antagonistic to its entity and Qatar and Saudi Arabia which have openly voiced their animosity towards Assad regime. According to a report carried by Reuters, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are paying salaries to rebels in fighting against the government of President Bashar Assad.

“The payment has been going on for months and the agreement was made on April 2 by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, with logistical organization from Turkey where some Free Syrian Army factions are based,” a diplomat told Reuters on condition of anonymity.

A country of immense strategic significance in the Middle East, Syria is doubly important for Washington. Firstly, as the country serves as a conduit between Hezbollah and Iran, the collapse of Assad regime means the severing of this link. Secondly, Israel, a close ally of the US, will get rid of Syria which keeps planting roadblocks in the path of Zionism. So without bothering to side with this or that party in the Syrian crisis, it is easy to see why the US is so interested in establishing a ‘US-friendly regime’ in Syria and putting an end to or at least limiting the increasing influence of the Islamic Republic and Hezbollah.

It is sad to see that sinister forces are mobilized to accelerate the collapse of Syria with the ultimate goal of serving the imperialist interests of the US and the UK, strengthening the colonizing regime of Israel in the region and limiting the influence of Iran and Hezbollah.

All these vicious forces have helped turn Syria into a piece of votive beef in the hands of ravishing warmongers.

Dr. Ismail Salami is an Iranian journalist, political analyst and lexicographer. A former editor in chief of the Tehran Times Daily, he is currently professor of English literature at the University of Tehran. Read other articles by Ismail.