How Stupid is the Current Democratic Party?

Following the strategy of Bill Clinton, the Democrats who came to power in 2008 have become the moderate Republicans of Bob Dole’s day.  They believe that if they administer this country from the Republican middle ground, the opposition will be forced to the right wing extreme.

Congratulations! The game plan works. The Republican Party is now run by nut job extremists; however, the Democratic Party has now become the Republican Party of the 1990s.

What’s in the air these days are the whines of Democrat apologists who respond to any legitimate liberal criticism of Obama by coming back with a knee-jerk threat scenario of how horrible the  Romney administration will be.

Hey, Democrats, did you learn anything from 2000? The reason real liberals voted Green in 2000 was because they thought the Clinton/Gore Democratic Party was too far to the right and in bed with too many corporate interests. So, what does today’s Democratic Party do? They move further to the right and shovel so much money into Wall Street and the private health insurance industry that the mind boggles.

And now they whine that folks are going to vote Green. Pitiful.If you want people to vote for you, you comport yourself in a way which will attract their votes, not the polar opposite.

Romney doesn’t deserve anyone’s vote; neither does Obama.

But the Supreme Court!  Romney will appoint reactionary judges!

Probably. But if anyone has been paying attention, Obama has recently tried to give himself the power to execute American citizens without recourse to due process, or any of the rights accumulated since the Magna Carta. Anyone who believes such a person will appoint liberal Supreme Court justices should talk to a mental health professional. Obama’s judgment on this lethal power is so questionable that he should never be trusted again. One can only assume he would appoint judges who would agree that the President of the United States should have life and death authority over everyone on earth. Now, that is scary.

Obama is one of the worst presidents to hold office in a very long time. Bush was worse.  So what?  Being better than Bush or Romney is no reason to vote for anyone. A wet bar rag is better than Bush but at least a wet bar rag doesn’t believe it should be able to assassinate American citizens whenever it feels like it.

Now that the Democratic Party has become the Republican Party of Bob Dole, there really isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the two. The Democrats took the lessons of 2000 and moved to the right. Good luck with that. But don’t think for a second of attracting any true liberals to vote for you. You went out of your way to disassociate yourself from voters who know that torturers must be prosecuted and punished. You went out of your way to keep Gitmo open. You went out of your way to deny Americans human rights by maintaining the for profit health system. You went out of your way to disassociate yourself from voters who don’t believe children should be killed by drones because that’s the cost effective way of waging war these days. You’ve gone out of your way to disassociate yourselves from voters who don’t support more war-mongering. You’ve come down on the wrong side of virtually every major moral decision you’ve had to make.

Democrats, do you remember what morality is?

I don’t think you do.

But there is hope. Nobody can speak for everybody, but there is a way the Democrats can pick up at least one vote. All Obama has to do is his job and enforce the law of the land. All Mr. Obama has to do is arrest a self-confessed war criminal. All Mr. Obama has to do is arrest George W. Bush for ordering the torture of defenseless prisoners and at least one more voter will pull the lever for him in November. Of course, if he doesn’t enforce the law, his administration isn’t worth more than half a glass of warmed over spit and all the whining from his supporters will remain as funny and pointless as it is now.