Aurora Red Dawn

“I thought it was showmanship, I didn’t think it was real,” said moviegoer Jennifer Seeger who was seated in the Century 16 theater second row, after Mr. Holmes’ assault (7/20/ 2012) during Dark Knight Rises midnight-showing.

Young neuroscientist in trouble –
could not find good job in San Diego, & like Batman,
Holmes watched aircraft carriers gear-up for war,
pre-frontal cortex reportedly occupied by hip-hop tunes,
he purchased a movie ticket, imagined horrors
greater than what he paid for.

Guernica, London Blitz, Hiroshima,
Private Eddie Slovik unarmed, blindfolded,
Richard Speck atop Texas tower,
“just take them old records
& Akutagawa’s Hell Screen off the shelf!”
Earth is just a rotating blue-ball pinata,
waiting for that special honor-student to strike,
create bed & breakfast-Hellfire,
only an automatic trigger-finger away.
Boom, Zap, Splat, pssshht, “hit the Drone send-button please?
& you’re dead, Mr. Bane-Capital… I’m in-charge,
not Secretary Alexander Haig.”

Aurora dawn, Holmes suited-up, rising.
No, no, not champ Larry… the other one!
What can America do about this, Bruce Wayne, C.E.O.?
Good killers know 2nd Amendment under siege,
must they must consider box-cutter technology,
extract Susan Atkins’ fork from LaBianca’s stomach?
Murderers true enemy is peace, & they never undestand.
Americans desire to watch ultra-violent films in perfect-peace.
They too cannot find good jobs, frustrated,
credit-cards un-maxed, they keep lookout, Cities crumble,
DOHS promises a layer of protection from al-Qaeda,
free-checking at World Bank, we perish in unreal pleasure shelters.

Charles Orloski lives in Taylor, Pa. He can be reached at: . Read other articles by Charles.