Second American Revolution

(1). Might Is Not Right is a call to make a revolution to over-turn the counter-revolution by which imperialists over-turned the American Revolution.

(2). The second American Revolution has to follow the path laid out for it by the Constitution or else the first American Revolution will have been in vain.

(3). The Declaration of Independence called imperialism inherently illegal and the Constitution precluded its resurrection except, of course, pursuant to the Amendment Clause.

(4). The victims of imperialism, the foreign Nations and Indian tribes whose lands have been, are being or will be invaded were guaranteed the protection of the Supreme Court by direct application pursuant to the Constitution’s Original Jurisdiction Clause.

(5). Of course We the People of the United States are also victims, in two senses: in virtue of their birth they are being dragged into the role of perpetrators even though neither they nor the founders of the Republic constitutionally consented to the 19th century conversion to imperialism; and secondly previous empires always at some juncture have become tyrants over their own citizens who may protest or dissent, and this has started in earnest with the recent introduction of citizens’ military arrest and detention without trial under the provisions of the National Defence Authorization Act of 2011 signed into law by President Obama on New Year’s Eve.

(6). The reason a second American Revolution is necessary is, the Supreme Court obstructs and ignores such applications attacking the federal imperial statutes pursuant to which the government unconstitutionally assumes imperial powers to invade other than in self defence to repel invasions.

(7). The obstruction and ignoring constitutes treason and the Court must be persuaded or forced to do its duty publicly to address the crucial constitutional question of imperialism which, when done, will signify the success of the second American Revolution.

(8). Constitutional democracy under the rule of law will have been reinstated and, in consequence of it, the eco-genocide attributable to imperialism will be prevented.

(9). The explicit constitutional values of “Justice, Tranquility, Defence, Welfare and Liberty” for “We the People,” meaning all the People without preference for the imperialists, will be established and rendered secure by this second American Revolution: the peaceful, constitutional, rule of law one.

W'Lawpsh is a scholar and author of jurisprudential anthropology, constitutional history, and international human rights law. Read other articles by W'Lawpsh, or visit W'Lawpsh's website.